Synonyms for dilapidated:

Sense 1

ratty, seedy, uninhabitable, tatty, rackety, fucked-up, far gone, beaten-up, irretrievable, down-at-heel, flyblown, uncared-for.

Sense 2

modern, Decaying, dingy, sleazy, scrubby, forlorn, mangy.

Sense 3

wretched, tumbledown, do for, shoddy, rundown.

Sense 5


Sense 6




Other synonyms and related words:

old, down-at-heel, tumbledown, tumble-down, tatterdemalion, unsound, tattered, scrubby, sleazy, ratty, bombed-out, dingy, uninhabitable, ruinous, seedy, moth-eaten, creaky, mangy, woebegone, forlorn, abandoned, decrepit, broken-down, grungy, draggled, deserted, bedraggled, Decaying, down-at-the-heels, rundown, flyblown, timeworn, shoddy, derelict, dog-eared, damaged, rackety, threadbare, tatty, ramshackle, beaten-up, neglected.

deteriorated (adjective)

atrophied, corrupt, decayed, Declined, retrogressed, degenerate, putrefied, Deteriorated, downgraded.

disintegrated (adjective)

gangrenous, decayed, putrefied, Anatomized, broken, spoiled, mortified, molten, crumbled, dissolved, decomposed, rotten, shattered, Degenerated, Disintegrated, festering, turned, dissected.

disreputable (adjective)


falling apart; in ruins (adjective)

derelict, decayed, dog-eared, ratty, damaged, neglected, threadbare, old, tumble-down, ramshackle, decrepit, shabby, seedy, Decaying, broken-down, faded, dingy.

neglected (adjective)


poor (adjective)

busted, bankrupt, destitute, distressed, down-and-out, homeless, have-not, penniless, pauper, bereft, impoverished, poor, squalid, shabby, beggarly, hand-to-mouth, embarrassed, poverty-stricken, penurious, scruffy.

ruinous (adjective)


shredded (adjective)


tattered (adjective)


Sense 2 (noun)

rundown, ruinous, tumbledown.

Sense 3 (noun)

shoddy, sleazy, Decaying, down-at-heel, seedy, dingy, mangy, scrubby, tatty, ratty, threadbare.

dilapidated (noun)

ramshackle, unsound, bedraggled, tumble-down, tatterdemalion, broken-down, damaged.

run-down (noun)

old, Decaying, tumbledown, neglected.

deteriorated (verb)

Regressed, withered, Reverted, lapsed, slumped, collapsed, Sank, Slid, fell apart, worsened, got worse, wilted, sunk, Relapsed, tergiversated, Waned, gotten worse, went downhill, Slipped, faded, mouldered, fallen apart, Ebbed, gone downhill.

Usage examples for dilapidated:

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