Antonyms for diligent:

lethargic, negligent, sluggish, inactive, remiss, impatient, inattentive, quiescent, neglectful, indolent, hit-and-run, lazy, idle.

Synonyms for diligent:

Sense 1

bookish, hard-working, efficient.

Sense 2

undivided, productive, wonky, enthusiastic, Overworked.


industrious, studious, laborious.



active (adjective)

lively, hard-working, quick.

all (adjective)


attentive (adjective)

responsible, cautious, careful, mindful, attentive, Concentrating, absorbed, watchful, Hearkening, Considering, Scrutinizing, enraptured, entranced, regardful, rapt, Immersed, vigilant, observing, fascinated, interested, sharp, heedful, intent, concerned, engrossed, observant, alert.

fastidious (adjective)

flawless, hypercritical, methodical, critical, finicky, conscientious, Qualmish, perspicacious, persnickety, careful, fussy, rigorous, dainty, squeamish, discerning, correct, discriminating, severe, epicurean, delicate, accurate, prudish, demanding, priggish, proper, punctilious, picky, prim, mincing, particular, meticulous, scrupulous, precise, literal, choosy, fastidious, exacting.

hardworking (adjective)

laborious, industrious.

persevering, hard-working (adjective)

laborious, active, constant, industrious, sedulous, assiduous, persistent, conscientious, steadfast, indefatigable, attentive, untiring, tireless, busy, careful, studious, unflagging, earnest, occupied.

resolute (adjective)

insistent, unshakeable, iron-willed, steadfast, reliable, unwavering, unchangeable, resolute, bold, decided, staunch, true, courageous, implacable, zealous, persistent, plucky, indefatigable, loyal, deliberate, strong-willed, stern, unflinching, inexorable, resolved, strong-minded, constant, committed, indomitable, dauntless, unyielding, persevering, spunky, set, earnest, uncompromising, steady, tireless, bullheaded, thorough, headstrong, decisive, tough, intent, willing, fearless, determined, relentless, valiant, hearty, steely, firm, dogged, dedicated, serious, stubborn, devoted, unbending, ruthless, tenacious, faithful.

tenacious (adjective)

courageous, bold, devoted, hearty, staunch, resolute, indefatigable, tough, plucky, flintlike, fervent, persistent, faithful, tireless, unflagging, undaunted, determined, spunky, obdurate, enduring, headstrong, bullheaded, dauntless, brave, stony, decisive, stiff, strong, tenacious, persevering, insistent, indomitable, stubborn, strong-willed, true, dogged, hard, bulldogged, obstinate, steadfast.

untiring (adjective)


vigilant (adjective)

attentive, strict, sharp-eyed, careful, regardful, thoughtful, prepared, finical, watchful, particular, ready, scrupulous, fussy, precise, observant, responsible, thorough, conscientious, provident, alert, mindful, exacting, guarded, heedful, vigilant, meticulous, fastidious, prudent, cautious.

Sense 2 (noun)


diligent (noun)

patient, industrious, hardworking, persevering, sedulous, assiduous, tireless, untiring.

industrious (noun)

hard-working, studious.

intensified (verb)


Usage examples for diligent:

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