Pronunciation of Dingy
/dˈɪnd͡ʒɪ/, /dˈɪnd‍ʒɪ/, /d_ˈɪ_n_dʒ_ɪ/

Antonyms for dingy:

clean, pure, sterile, spotless, cheerful.

Synonyms for dingy:

Sense 1

ratty, seedy, unwashed, tatty, down-at-heel.

Sense 2

mangy, faded, sleazy, tattered, bedraggled, scrubby, Decaying.

Sense 3

shoddy, dilapidated, decrepit.

Sense 4


Sense 5


Sense 11


Other synonyms and related words:

dour, glooming, Bemired, gamey, sullen, unwashed, bluish, forbidding, blue-blooded, good-for-nothing, ratty, sleazy, broken-down, deplorable, pitiful, seedy, obscure, swampy, distressing, sombre, blue, drear, unrelenting, waterlogged, grisly, draggled, dismal, inexorable, sooty, cheerless, marshy, Decaying, gruesome, saturnine, tattered, blueish, disconsolate, glum, sinister, sorry, sulky, gentle, nasty, miry, befouled, aristocratic, down-at-heel, sullied, dilapidated, begrimed, sober, sloughy, bedraggled, lamentable, marked-up, glowering, uncheerful, regretful, sad, lousy, cloudy, no-count, ghastly, muddied, unappeasable, bad, scrubby, rundown, raunchy, stern, uncleanly, moody, contaminating, decrepit, naughty, tatty, soiled, squashy, risque, threadbare, cruddy, faded, mangy, grim, meritless, boggy, good-for-naught, aristocratical, besmirched, benighted, shoddy, sick.

black (adjective)

black, charcoal, midnight, uncleanly, dark, impure, sombre, ebony, soiled.

dirty (adjective)

sooty, grimy.

gray (adjective)

iron-gray, smoky, battleship-gray, dreary, drab, dapple-gray, ashen, somber, lead-gray, pearly, gloomy, gun metal, gray, dull, silvery, leaden, mousy, salt-and-pepper, pearl-gray, mole-gray, taupe, neutral-tint, grizzled.

slovenly (adjective)


soiled, tacky (adjective)

dull, threadbare, dark, somber, shabby, seedy, murky, grimy, dilapidated, gloomy, sullied, dirty, obscure, dreary, faded, broken-down, muddy, drab.

unclean (adjective)

impure, mucky, offensive, defiled, filthy, smutty, muddy, murky, crummy, slovenly, dusty, dirty, fetid, scruffy, festering, odious, obscene, shabby, scatological, insalubrious, disgusting, grubby, unsanitary, infectious, septic, toxic, untidy, sordid, sloppy, icky, putrid, unhygenic, squalid, grungy, grimy, foul, unclean.

Sense 2 (noun)

shoddy, decrepit, faded, Decaying, bedraggled, tatty, threadbare, scrubby, broken-down, down-at-heel, mangy, tattered, rundown, dilapidated, sleazy, ratty.

dingy (noun)

gloomy, drear, muddy, muddied, dismal, impure, begrimed, raunchy, drab, dreary, soiled, cheerless, grimy, dirty, sorry, unclean, grungy, grubby, uncheerful.

dirty (verb)


Usage examples for dingy:

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