Antonyms for disclose:

hide, secrete, suppress, screen, cover, conceal.

Synonyms for disclose:

Sense 1

mainstream, tell, blab, throw back, trumpet, retail, offload, let in on, blabber, notify, blazon, dredge up, leaflet, confide.

Sense 2

promulgate, admit, strip away, put to, smoke out, unburden, flay, whisper, let in.

Sense 3

instruct, turn up, unclothe, leak.

Sense 4

exposure, revelation, talk, post.

Sense 5


Sense 6

spread, transmit.

Sense 7


Sense 8


Sense 10


Sense 11


Sense 32





let out.


let in on.


come out with.


detect, light upon.


uncork, come apart, unlock.


give away, unclothe, unmask, unveil, expose, bare.





Other synonyms and related words:

emit, light upon, give way, convey, bring out, instruct, observe, fail, chance upon, collapse, transgress, relegate, denounce, ruin, impart, display, describe, get around, split, key out, ascertain, trumpet, tell, let out, debunk, develop, unbosom, snitch, intermit, break away, blabber, get out, snap off, come upon, come across, fall in, let on, go, find out, erupt, whisper, give, break down, give out, recrudesce, fracture, flay, distinguish, go against, get a line, publish, hear, check, see, grass, admit, strip, break off, go bad, introduce, spread, carry, utter, offend, smash, peril, revelation, leaflet, ferret out, pass, tell on, get word, transmit, dampen, stop, die, give away, damp, unclothe, endanger, talk, better, violate, happen upon, produce, unburden, fall apart, pause, interrupt, burst, split up, leak, cave in, come out with, bankrupt, wear out, soften, widen, bust, blazon, weaken, put out, bring on, certify, exposure, promulgate, betray, discontinue, attain, let loose, blab, get wind, unfold, conk out, bump, turn up, lay bare, narrate, kick downstairs, break out, chance on, wear, explain, exhume, fall upon, come apart, acknowledge, rat, strike, demote, break, confide, notify, offload, breach.

unburden (adjective)

unburden, unbosom.

Sense 1 (noun)

offload, leak, lay bare.

Sense 2 (noun)

throw back, strip, strip away.

Sense 3 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

convey, pass, tell, transmit, carry.

disclose (noun)

divulge, discover, give away, let out, impart, expose, reveal, let on, bring out, break.

communication (verb)

divulge, bring out, reveal, break, let out, expose, uncover, give away, unwrap, discover, let on.

disclose (verb)

divulge, exhibit, advertise, broadcast, disseminate, declare, proclaim, testify, express, communicate, confess, assert, brief, uncloak, reveal, announce, unmask.

discover (verb)

educe, recognize, disinter, dig up, determine, elicit, identify, find, unearth, Unriddle, fathom, breakthrough, realize, detect, solve, unravel.

interpret (verb)


open (verb)

release, bare, unseal, unplug, uncork, undo, expose, unlock, open.

perception (verb)

expose, uncover.

reveal (verb)

show, uncover, unfold, lay bare, display.

reveal, make public (verb)

expose, confess, betray, blab, display, leak, uncover, exhibit, give away, show, utter, tell, discover, broadcast, unveil, bare, publish, reveal, lay bare, acknowledge, admit, communicate, impart, open, snitch, divulge.

uncover (verb)

discover, unveil, unwrap, unsheathe.

Usage examples for disclose:

  • 4 Give me to learn each secret cause; Let Number's, Figure's, Motion's laws Reveal'd before me stand; These to great Nature's scenes apply, And round the globe, and through the sky, Disclose her working hand. - "Poetical Works of Akenside", Mark Akenside.
  • The Spanish Government having at last been brought to disclose its intentions, there was an end to the negotiations for peace. - "Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete", John Lothrop Motley.

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