Antonyms for dismay:

calmness, uplift, peace, intoxicate, elate, lift up, confidence, assurance.

Synonyms for dismay:

Sense 1

nauseate, overcloud, ruffle, discourage, consternate, tear apart, drag down, eat away at, devastate, hang over, tear up, worry, sadden, mess with, faze, gnaw at.

Sense 2

haunt, assail, confusion, oppress, knock out, screw up, grieve.

Sense 3


Sense 4

distress, bother, hurt, pain.

Sense 5


Sense 6


Sense 10



cast down.



Other synonyms and related words:

demoralise, disturb, confuse, perturb, start, appall, undo, screw up, bring down, dismount, lower, warning device, terrify, take down, start out, frustrate, unsettle, oppress, disappointment, debauch, discomfort, discompose, vitiate, depress, fear, apprehension, warning signal, fright, agitate, debase, misdirect, subvert, set down, deprave, dissatisfaction, alarum, sadden, appal, pervert, get, begin, alarm clock, unhinge, discouragement, disheartenment, disquietude, scandalise, set about, cast down, discourage, dread, unnerve, intimidate, press down, faze, offend, assail, ruffle, discomposure, set out, unman, let down, misgiving, demoralize, corrupt, outrage, nauseate, grieve, confusion, trepidation, alarm system, timidity, shake, distress, worry, letdown, upset, hagride, terror, affright, dispirit, commence, get down, despondency, scandalize, pain, bother, horrify, browbeat, tremor, get off, consternate.

Sense 1 (noun)

disturb, devastate, upset, hang over.

Sense 2 (noun)

distress, consternate, shake, worry.

alarm (noun)


disappointed feeling; distress (noun)

dread, alarm, terror, letdown, fear, fright, discouragement, consternation, trepidation, apprehension, disheartenment, chagrin, upset, panic.

dismay (noun)

demoralize, get down, appal, dispirit, demoralise, discouragement, consternation, disheartenment, horrify, mortification, deject, shame, appall, alarm, vexation, humiliation, chagrin, depress, cast down.

fear (noun)

timidity, dread.

alarm (verb)

alarm, shock, alert, panic, signal, startle, scare, surprise, frighten.

deject (verb)

deter, dampen, daunt, dishearten, dissuade, disincline, deject.

disappoint, fill with consternation (verb)

appall, agitate, discourage, terrify, unhinge, dishearten, distress, horrify, frighten, dispirit, shake, faze, affright, disturb, screw up, bother, unnerve, scare, daunt, discompose.

Usage examples for dismay:

  • Iris looked at him in dismay. - "Blind Love", Wilkie Collins.
  • It broke into little sounds of tenderness and dismay. - "Kildares of Storm", Eleanor Mercein Kelly.
  • Nor for-" He stopped short and stared at Miss Maggie in growing amazement and dismay. - "Oh, Money! Money!", Eleanor Hodgman Porter.

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