Pronunciation of Dismiss
/dɪsmˈɪs/, /dɪsmˈɪs/, /d_ɪ_s_m_ˈɪ_s/

Antonyms for dismiss:

admire, employ, hold, promote, secure, retain, appoint, engage, accept, hire.

Synonyms for dismiss:

Sense 3 (noun)

pink slip, shoot down.

Sense 4 (noun)

send, ease out, pay off.

Sense 5 (noun)

bump, chuck.

Sense 6 (noun)


dismiss (noun)

force out, throw out, brush aside, give notice, disregard, fire, give the axe, can, push aside, brush off, terminate, discount, send away, usher out, ignore, sack.

acquit (verb)

discharge, defray, forgive, exculpate, free, clear, pardon, liberate, vindicate, excuse, acquit, exonerate, absolve.

annul (verb)

divorce, veto, retract, undo, neutralize, nullify, abnegate, eliminate, refute, extinguish, annul, destroy, deny, negate, repudiate, efface, delete, Disaffirm, disavow, revoke, withdraw, dissolve, obliterate, eradicate, invalidate, abolish.

change (verb)


communication (verb)

throw out.

forget (verb)

shrug off.

forgive (verb)

forget, condone, overlook, relent, remit, show mercy, tolerate, forbear.

liberate (verb)

disengage, emancipate, set free, deliver, let loose.

put out of one's mind (verb)

dispel, kiss off, lay aside, disdain, disregard, spurn, repulse.

refuse (verb)

disagree, repulse, disincline, decline, disdain, refuse, pass up.

reject (verb)

vote out.

remove from job, responsibility (verb)

defrock, lay off, discharge, retire, put away, boot out, fire, drop, bump, furlough, can, shut out, cashier, terminate, oust, sack, displace, unseat, recall, depose, bounce, give the gate.

rid (verb)

dispel, part with, vent, dispose, reject, renounce, forsake, rid, jettison, relinquish, waive, leave, surrender, discard, shed, disclaim, cancel, desert, capitulate, drop, disown, forgo, vacate, abdicate, let go, abandon, relegate, release.

send away, remove; free (verb)

dispense with, push aside, discard, reject, eject, kick out, abolish, turn out, cast out, divorce, relinquish, brush off, rid, banish, dissolve, repudiate, repel, cast off, disband, deport, chuck, clear, release, shed, drive out, force out, relegate, decline, let go, send packing, expel.

vindicate (verb)

avenge, mitigate, apologize.

Sense 1

pink slip, debar, brush away, defrock, turn away from, sacking, reckon without, toss aside, laugh off, ease out, elbow out, outplacement, disinherit, marching orders, assign, removal, demote, rule out, leave aside.

Sense 2

knock-down, hatchet man, recall, redundancy, dispossess, unseat, spurn, nix, layoff, repel, shut out, furlough, cashier, remove, retrench, set-aside, hear of, exclude.

Sense 3

relieve of, hide, severance, switch off, shoot down, stand-down, buy out, lay aside, bounce, pay off.

Sense 4

dismissal, turn out, revolt, chuck, pass over, skip, shut.

Sense 5

bump, fail.

Sense 7

excess, retire.

Sense 10

get out.

Sense 12

lay off.

Sense 20


brush aside

push aside.










excommunicate, roll.

force out





dispense with.


let loose, set free.

get rid of

kick out.


brush off.

kick out

toss out.

lay off

pay off.


neglect, overleap, pretermit, laugh off, pass up.






jettison, shoot down.

send away

send packing.

Other synonyms and related words:

excommunicate, cashier, burn, depose, adjourn, expend, snub, minimize, cast out, can, kick out, disregard, throw out, miss, cut, advance, poor-mouth, emit, ban, shut, furlough, evict, put away, deprecate, displace, expel, brush away, give the gate, ostracize, pass up, send packing, fade away, flatten, throw away, sacking, drive out, layoff, pass over, hide, notify, kindle, stop, retrench, demote, set down, cut down, punish, retire, defrock, preempt, deteriorate, debar, end, toss, dispense with, devolve, lay off, dispossess, enkindle, nix, brush off, lay aside, rule out, degenerate, apprise, terminate, decry, banish, laugh off, raise, leave out, Vilipend, spurn, fell, turn away from, resolve, cease, give the bounce, rouse, send away, toss out, shrug off, cast aside, turf, cast, provoke, pink slip, spend, remove, force out, neglect, dangle, exclude, squeeze out, dislodge, belittle, dethrone, chuck out, finish, dethaw, eject, bounce, oust, usher out, write off, evoke, fall, give notice, toss away, expatriate, send, roll, drum out, advise, discount, plunder, dart, give the axe, unfreeze, derogate, fade out, send word, unseat, burn down, shut out, rout out, depreciate, elicit, skip, give the sack, brush aside, sack up, dismissal, disband, omit, redundancy, push aside, extrude, sink, sack, disinherit, bump, open fire, diminish, arouse, strike down, exile, denigrate, go off, apprize, unload, deport, knock-down, play down, overleap, drop down, severance, net, revolt, boot out, kiss off, launch, pretermit, stand-down, gouge, ignore, recall, disparage, cast away, repel, chuck, fire.

Usage examples for dismiss:

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