Pronunciation of Dissolved
/dɪsˈɒlvd/, /dɪsˈɒlvd/, /d_ɪ_s_ˈɒ_l_v_d/

Antonyms for dissolved:


Synonyms for dissolved:

Other synonyms and related words:

liquified, liquid.

disintegrated (adjective)

decayed, decomposed, Disintegrated, turned, festering, shattered, broken, molten, spoiled, rotten, dissected, Degenerated, dilapidated, putrefied, Anatomized, mortified, gangrenous, crumbled.

liquefied (adjective)

molten, thawed, liquefied, running.

dissolved (noun)

melted, liquified, broken, liquid.

annulled (verb)

destroyed, obliterated, withdrawn, undone, extinguished, Canceled, divorced, Denied, Disavowed, rejected, disaffirmed, Deleted, Annulled, nullified, Disclaimed, retracted, repudiated, Undid, Effaced, negated, Revoked, invalidated, Withdrew, Refuted, neutralized, dismissed, Abolished, Vetoed, Eradicated, Abnegated, Eliminated.

disappeared (verb)

gone, Went, hidden, Hid, melted, sunk, vanished, flied, Sank, Fled, departed, Disappeared, faded.

disintegrated (verb)

ruptured, rotted, broke, fractured.

liquefied (verb)

Ran, run.

lost (verb)

shrunk, decreased, exhausted, decremented, forfeited, Shrank, lost, eroded, dissipated, depleted, dispossessed, Debited, dropped, misplaced, Divested.

scattered (verb)

disconnected, Diffracted, dislocated, diffused, broke up, Evanesced, evaporated, Diverged, Doled, Radiated, scattered, Disbursed, disordered, broken up, distributed, Refracted, detached, separated, dispersed.

Usage examples for dissolved:

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