Pronunciation of Divided
/dɪvˈa͡ɪdɪd/, /dɪvˈa‍ɪdɪd/, /d_ɪ_v_ˈaɪ_d_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for divided:

merged, united, one, single-lane, suprasegmental, undivided, concentrated, tied, nonsegmental.

Synonyms for divided:

Sense 1

fractional, warring, unresolved, controversially, controversial, irreconcilable.

Sense 3

discordant, moot.



Other synonyms and related words:

dichotomous, mullioned, discordant, bilocular, trifid, divisible, controversial, disjunct, bifid, pronged, chambered, biramous, apart, bifurcate, moot, two-chambered, shared out, unresolved, episodic, bisulcate, fractional, metameric, cloven, biloculate, multilane, segmental, tined, pentamerous, prongy, forficate, dual-lane, sectioned, sectional, irreconcilable, controversially, disjointed, divided up, bicameral.

detached (adjective)

branched, apart, cleft, split.

disjoint (adjective)

disassembled, cleaved, detached, disunited, unfixed, dissociated, unhinged, rent, Halved, dissected, unglued, scissored, partitioned, disjoint, separated, Excised, Disengaged, broken, disarticulated, Sundered, severed, incised, fragmented, Disassociated, uncoupled, cut, sliced, fissured, parted, Bisected, split, disconnected, Disintegrated, divorced, dismantled, segregated.

fractional (adjective)

segmented, Parceled, compartmented.

halved (adjective)

bifurcated, half, forked, fissured, branching, Bisected, halve, severed, split, halfway, cut, carved, cleaved.

portioned (adjective)

Zoned, compartmented, budgeted, Pieced, subdivided, rationed, measured, allotted, half, sliced, apportioned, fraction, Dismembered, shared, segmented, partitioned, Portioned, split, cut, Parceled.

separable (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)

controversial, irreconcilable, discordant.

divided (noun)

disjunct, two-chambered, bifurcate, dual-lane, segmental, pentamerous, bisulcate, separated, pronged, chambered, divided up, apart, shared out, cleft, sectioned, bifurcated, forficate, bifid, shared, cloven, fragmented, torn, bicameral, in disagreement, biloculate, segmented, dichotomous, prongy, branched, forked, disconnected, sectional, subdivided, tined, mullioned, multilane, distributed, split, metameric, bilocular, disunited, episodic, trifid, partitioned off, disjointed, biramous, partitioned.

alienated (verb)

disunited, disaffected, separated, pushed away, alienated, Distanced, estranged, divorced.

allotted (verb)

rationed, assigned, allotted, distributed, given, Meted, segmented, dispensed, Allowed, Dealt, apportioned, shared, budgeted, Portioned, Parceled, Gave, allocated, set, Earmarked.

calculated (verb)

studied, considered, programmed, Surmised, ranked, estimated, determined, quantized, Counted, plotted, scheduled, thought, supposed, added, Assessed, Rated, calculated, Appraised, Inferred, Tallied, multiplied, figured, Gauged, Weighed, systematized, Guessed, Accounted, presumed, quantified, measured, rationalized, Deduced, Approximated, Reckoned, Judged, Schemed, concluded, Enumerated, planned, Computed, valued, Scored, totaled, Summed, evaluated, Triangulated.

dissociated (verb)

fragmented, dissociated, ruptured, severed, disjoined, partitioned, Insulated, broken, Disengaged, disconnected, uncoupled, detached, Halved, rent, cleaved, Sundered, Excised, broke, segregated, split, Disassociated, cleft, parted, dismantled.

halved (verb)

forked, branched, torn, fissured, bifurcated, Rented, tore, slitted.

portioned (verb)

compartmentalized, chunked.

separated (verb)

sliced, unhinged, cut, Disintegrated, disassembled, removed, Bisected, unglued, Pared, axed, dissected, ripped, Amputated, unfixed, incised, disaffiliated.

Usage examples for divided:

  • The Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost, are not divided. - "Irish Race in the Past and the Present", Aug. J. Thebaud.
  • The people divided to let him pass. - "General John Regan 1913", George A. Birmingham.
  • It was all plain enough; the English force would be divided. - "Middy and Ensign", G. Manville Fenn.

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