Pronunciation of Dog
/dˈɒɡ/, /dˈɒɡ/, /d_ˈɒ_ɡ/

Synonyms for dog:

Sense 1

bull, ram, bigmouth, tom, man of the people, pooch, Fido, hart, hag, dross, one-off, rooster, he, stallion, buck, frame up, species, failure, inform on, telltale, sire, gander, alpha male, tomcat, informant, tattle-tale, ugly duckling, gelding, informer, bullock, drake, foot, stool pigeon, Jekyll And Hyde, Billy Goat, follow around, blabbermouth, boar, whistle-blower.

Sense 2

male, drone, hunter, narc, denunciation, denounce, practitioner, sneak.

Sense 3

boy, squeal, snitch, dag, mixture, appendage, grotesque, parody, canine, confession, write up, rover, steer.

Sense 4

stud, type, original, hand over, individual.

Sense 5

grass, finger, reject, product, shadow, turn in, sing.

Sense 6

stick to, variety, trash.

Sense 7


Sense 8

sight, exposure.

Sense 11


Sense 12



stick to.


go after, give chase, tag.






bird dog.





Other synonyms and related words:

buzzard, stallion, Billy Goat, shack, bugger, frump, toad, cut across, cad, go after, informant, give chase, stud, pup, andiron, pawl, rover, quest after, scum, gander, parody, original, chuff, hotdog, slob, frame, varmint, boor, click, hunter, dross, boy, blackguard, hang back, hart, steer, cut through, gelding, suction stop, vermin, foot, bigmouth, sneak, grotesque, appendage, so-and-so, mark, boar, hag, failure, shadow, mouse click, scuzzball, Canis Familiaris, dock, scumbag, churl, cross, he, dag, telltale, grass, buck, cur, cretin, bob, creep, bounder, character, bullock, ram, bull, wienerwurst, lout, drop behind, drake, sleazeball, snake, get across, jerk, quest for, exposure, rotter, chamfer, beast, train, sleaze, firedog, leaper, furrow, joker, drag, chase after, dog-iron, denounce, rooster, heel, fink, dogiron, get over, pass over, variety, sight, frankfurter, get behind, crumb, Stinkard, blighter, type, informer, dirtbag, canine, louse, stinker, mixture, tag, hound dog, sire, practitioner, pooch, schmuck, hot dog, one-off, frank, clink, puppy, traverse, bleeder, ugly duckling, trash, tom, label, individual, detent, snitch, reject, whistle-blower, wiener, species, sleazebag, domestic dog, Fido, product, clown, cover, crud, tomcat, bird dog, reptile.

Sense 1 (noun)

cur, puppy, pup.

Sense 2 (noun)

boar, Billy Goat, buck, boy, bull, alpha male, bullock.

Sense 4 (noun)

shadow, bird dog.

Sense 6 (noun)

informant, grass, sneak, informer, snitch, bigmouth, stool pigeon.

Sense 7 (noun)

Fido, rover.

Sense 8 (noun)

individual, mixture, character, original, species, product, type, variety, Jekyll And Hyde.

Sense 9 (noun)

dross, reject, parody, trash.

Sense 10 (noun)

sight, ugly duckling, hag, dag, grotesque.

Sense 11 (noun)

follow around, stick to.

andiron (noun)


animal (noun)

domestic dog, Canis Familiaris.

cad (noun)

stinker, rotter.

canine mammal (noun)

pooch, puppy, hound, Fido, cur, pup.

dog (noun)

borzoi, boarhound, spaniel, toy poodle, scotch terrier, trail, bounder, golden retriever, chase after, English Setter, dingo, dachshund, tag, samoyed, mastiff, French poodle, domestic dog, chow, pawl, dogiron, bull terrier, blackguard, afghan, sheep dog, pekinese, husky, chihuahua, tail, firedog, Canis Familiaris, griffon, pointer, foxhound, go after, welsh terrier, boxer, frump, Aberdeen terrier, basset hound, Siberian wolfhound, retriever, Doberman Pinscher, Irish Wolfhound, bulldog, bloodhound, greyhound, track, beagle, whippet, cad, wolfhound, poodle, hound, airedale, Labrador Retriever, andiron, click, pomeranian, schnauzer, collie, setter, Irish Setter, chase, cairn terrier, cocker spaniel, spitz, Great Dane, pug, German Shepherd, Yorkshire Terrier, heel, terrier, dalmatian, detent.

mammal (noun)

camelopard, dromedary, arctic fox, ox, cow, panda, buffalo, ermine, rabbit, fox, opossum, camel, bobcat, mongoose, possum, beaver, koala, shrew, llama, kangaroo, hedgehog, elephant, ibex, cavy, marmot, raccoon, otter, panther, tiger, ferret, gnu, jaguar, goat, hamster, ocelot, chinchilla, gopher, zebra, cougar, caribou, polecat, hog, hare, mule, moose, echidna, mink, cat, porcupine, elk, rat, wallaby, sable, jackal, pig, squirrel, horse, mole, wombat, skunk, mouse, puma, gazelle, leopard, lion, stag, sheep, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, reindeer, lemming, sloth, alpaca, deer, coyote, weasel, hyena, cheetah, stoat, yak, platypus, chipmunk, wolf, burro, giraffe, bison, Lynx, bear, donkey, antelope, swine.

mutt (noun)


whelp (noun)


chase after; bother (verb)

tag, track, shadow, trail, pursue, tail.

pursue (verb)

chase, hunt, search, quest, strive, seek, pursue, harry, stalk, aim, sleuth, trail, follow, endeavor, intend, aspire, undertake, track, tail.

Usage examples for dog:

  • Indeed, the poor dog hardly knew what to do with joy. - "Annie o' the Banks o' Dee", Gordon Stables.
  • If you ask me what, I no more know it than my dog knows who and what I am. - "Robert Browning", Edward Dowden.
  • It's " the hair of the dog," Mr Lawford. - "The Return", Walter de la Mare.

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