Dress Down

Synonyms for dress down:

dress down (noun)

have words, berate, bawl out, underdress, chew out, chide, reproof, chew up, lambaste, trounce, rag, rebuke, reprimand, remonstrate, jaw, scold, lecture, lambast.

body (verb)


condemn (verb)


scold (verb)

censure, castigate, bawl out, berate, lash, reprimand, reprove, chew out, tongue-lash, upbraid, rebuke.

Sense 2

reproach, reprove, upbraid, rap.

Sense 3

castigate, admonish, chastise.

Sense 14


bawl out

have words.

Other synonyms and related words:

denounce, welt, lather, reprove, censure, castigate, Keelhaul, flay, reproach, chastise, call on the carpet, call down, upbraid, lash, admonish, tongue-lash, rap.

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