Antonyms for edible:

poisonous, inedible.

Synonyms for edible:

Sense 1

gourmet, Esculent, yummy, YUM, pap, flavorsome, flavorful, smooth, piquant, appetizing, scrumptious, toothsome, tangy, luscious, foodstuff, tasty, delicately, chow, appetising, flavoursome.

Sense 2

delicious, delectable, drinkable, meat, mouthwatering, juicy, nurture, eats, delicate, food, M.M..

Sense 3

diet, mellow, succulent, savory, bread.

Sense 5

provision, fresh.

Sense 6

full, fare.

Sense 7





eatable, digestible.

Other synonyms and related words:

yummy, fancy, nourishment, mellow, gourmet, provender, foodstuff, tasty, Esculent, luscious, meat, chow, diet, digestible, savory, palatable, toothsome, viands, eats, commissariat, pap, piquant, aliment, provisions, appetizing, provision, mouthwatering, sustenance, fare, succulent, nurture, alimentation, nutrition, tangy, nutriment, fresh, delicious, delicate, bread, food.

able to be eaten (adjective)

Esculent, palatable, eatable, digestible, succulent, savory, toothsome, tasty, comestible.

eatable (adjective)

digestible, palatable.

Sense 1 (noun)

juicy, full, flavorful, tangy.

Sense 2 (noun)


eatable (noun)

delicious, digestible, succulent, Esculent, tasty, palatable, appetizing, yummy.

edible (noun)

eatable, killable, nontoxic, victuals, pabulum, nonpoisonous, comestible, victual.

food (noun)

foodstuff, comestible, aliment, pap.

meat (noun)

victual, food.

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