Pronunciation of Elementary
/ˌɛlɪmˈɛntəɹi/, /ˌɛlɪmˈɛntəɹi/, /ˌɛ_l_ɪ_m_ˈɛ_n_t_ə_ɹ_i/

Antonyms for elementary:

arduous, difficult, incidental, hard, laborious, demanding.

Synonyms for elementary:

Sense 2

overwhelming, graduate, main, substantially, phonic, scholastic, essentially, premier, academic, progressive, liberal, mindless, rudimentary.

Sense 3

grand, substantive, primitive, formal, convenient, chief, ultimate, marquee.

Sense 4

principal, real.

Sense 5

number one, core, major.

Sense 6

soft, comfortable, radical.

Sense 7


Sense 8


Sense 10

great, top.



Other synonyms and related words:

major, applied, paramount, Rudimental, predominant, didactic, substantially, necessary, mindless, effortless, chief, remedial, formal, round-eyed, graduate, specialist, unsubdivided, soft, easy, pedagogical, ultimate, overwhelming, real, curricular, professorial, grand, academic, self-educated, intensive, liberal, scholarly, main, primitive, top, natural, undemanding, premier, overriding, comfortable, instructional, principal, substantive, tractable, ease, trouble-free, first, original, radical, progressive, preponderant, rudimentary, well-rounded, synchronic, convenient, unproblematic.

all (adjective)

unproblematic, simple, uncomplicated.

bottom (adjective)

lowest, base, basic, fundamental, underlying, bottom, foundational.

earliest (adjective)


easy (adjective)

effortless, undemanding, simple, basic, manageable.

elementary (adjective)

elemental, original, plain, fundamental, underlying, primary, easy, rudimentary, foundational, essential, uncomplicated, primitive, clear, basal.

essential (adjective)

principal, main, prime.

first (adjective)

premier, aboriginal, number one.

fundamental (adjective)

bottom, necessary, radical, paramount, major, first.

inchoate (adjective)


inherent (adjective)


original (adjective)


pure (adjective)

irreducible, stark, sinless, virtuous, decent, honorable, faultless, primary, chaste, unalloyed, spotless, essential, innocent, unblemished, pure, nascent, stainless, guiltless, blameless, clean, simple, monolithic, elemental, prime, undefiled, primal, purebred, fundamental, formative, plain, undiluted, atomic, unsullied, austere, foundational, bare, basic, unadulterated, indivisible, uncluttered, untarnished, white, Simon-pure, untainted, unadorned, clear, aboriginal, immaculate, basal, angelic.

Sense 2 (noun)

core, natural, primitive, ultimate.

Sense 3 (noun)

manageable, convenient, trouble-free, undemanding, mindless, effortless, Rudimental.

elementary (noun)

basic, simple, unproblematic, uncomplicated, primary, easy.

Usage examples for elementary:

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