Pronunciation of Endeavor
/ɛndˈɛvə/, /ɛndˈɛvə/, /ɛ_n_d_ˈɛ_v_ə/

Synonyms for endeavor:

Sense 1

take a shot at, striving, hammer away, dare.

Sense 2

shot, bear down on or upon, shoot at.

Sense 4

while, stab, take on, pain.

Sense 10



work at.


exert oneself.

Other synonyms and related words:

design, whack, struggle, reach, plod, stab, travail, intent, elbow grease, dare, inclination, attack, tendency, fling, exert oneself, strain, striving, beaver, aspiration, endeavour, drive, exertion, sweat, trouble, take on, mark, go ahead, whirl, offer, bash, determination, bid, pain, try, hammer away, crusade, trial, cause, while, plug, shot.

Sense 2 (noun)

trial, shot, stab, offer.

Sense 3 (noun)

while, struggle, pain, trouble, striving.

act (noun)

enterprise, endeavour.

action (noun)

performance, behavior, movement, action, effort, motion, practice, deed, activity, operation.

attempt to achieve something (noun)

labor, whirl, aim, shot, try, stab, striving, travail, whack, work, venture, essay, exertion, fling, enterprise, trial, struggle, undertaking, effort.

endeavor (noun)

commitment, enterprise, purpose, attempt, effort, try, job, essay, gambit, adventure, production, project, proceeding, endeavour, strive, undertaking, engagement.

intention (noun)

choice, prospectus, expectation, goal, object, intention, forethought, idea, agenda, calculation, strategy, forecast, will, policy, proposal, wish, consideration, plan, ambition, scenario, schedule.

venture (noun)

feat, affair, pursuit, procedure, initiative, task.

act (verb)

comport, perform, appear, labor, conduct, operate, exercise, transact, move, react, function, act, perpetrate, officiate, behave, execute, work, enterprise.

attempt to achieve something (verb)

intend, strain, plug, take on, offer, purpose, hammer away, seek, sweat, aspire, undertake, strive, assay.

endeavor (verb)

assay, exploit, commit, undertake, attempt, contract, volunteer, engage, proceed, aim, venture, maneuver, approach.

intend (verb)

choose, mean, resolve, propose, expect, consider, mind, intend.

pursue (verb)

harry, track, aspire, search, stalk, dog, sleuth, chase, strive, trail, hunt, follow, seek, quest, tail.

social (verb)

strive, endeavour.

venture (verb)

scheme, initiate, pursue, campaign.

Usage examples for endeavor:

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