Antonyms for endorse:

repudiate, oppose, criticize, renounce, invalidate.

Synonyms for endorse:

Sense 1

relaunch, undersign, root for, stand for, speak up for, mail out, declare for, stick up for, signatory, agree to, associate with, John Hancock, countersign, publicize, sign on the dotted line, sign out, sign in, sympathize, sign over, guarantee, position, bill as, plug for, stick by, persecute, cosign, stick together, go in for, market, urge, buttress, sign away.

Sense 2

agree with, align, prove, autograph, stand by, nourish, sign for, hype, advertise, signature, subscriber.

Sense 3

strengthen, ink, advocate, sign off, sign on, favor, stand up, rally, signing.

Sense 4

promote, plug, initial, ally.

Sense 5


Sense 6

uphold, sign, sponsor, pitch, tag, witness.

Sense 7


Sense 9


Sense 13



come out for.






ink, inscribe.


stick up for, stick by, stake.




stand by, speak up for.


cosign, sign for.


approbate, permit.


bear out.


back, support.

Other synonyms and related words:

evidence, plunk for, guarantee, inscribe, patronize, back up, stomach, bear, subscriber, digest, vouch, advocate, sign, abide, subscribe, hold up, patronage, plug, bet on, gage, tolerate, defend, prove, demonstrate, uphold, patronise, initial, bear out, witness, manifest, signatory, second, substantiate, endure, undersign, back, visa, countersign, establish, autograph, buttress, show, agree to, cosign, favor, recognize, suffer, go in for, signature, hype, relaunch, place, ally, sign for, promote, advertise, keep going, urge, brook, align, indorse, fend for, hold, plump for, license, sponsor, punt, signing.

Sense 1 (noun)

sign on the dotted line, plug, advertise, pitch, place, market, mail out, initial, bill as, hype, sign, countersign.

Sense 3 (noun)

inscribe, undersign, signature, autograph, sign on, John Hancock, witness, sign away.

Sense 5 (noun)

advocate, stand by.

Sense 6 (noun)

show, prove, establish.

endorse (noun)

support, plump for, back, plunk for, certify.

affirm (verb)

support, verify, set down, propound, ratify, profess, maintain, validate, assert, attest, proclaim, submit, assure, avouch, aver, express, contend, admit, state, warrant, corroborate, adjure, certify, testify, pronounce, claim, sustain, acknowledge, declare.

agree (verb)

sanction, acquiesce, accede, stipulate, agree, empathize, bless, contract, affirm, consent, cooperate, pledge, welcome, accept, capitulate, concur, assent, approve, conform, promise.

approve (verb)

permit, authenticate, authorize, approbate, confirm, underwrite.

communication (verb)


consent (verb)

let, condone, allow.

countersign a check (verb)

undersign, sign, autograph, subscribe, cosign.

praise (verb)

praise, flatter, admire, eulogize, exalt, glorify, acclaim, recommend, dignify, compliment, applaud, commend, extol.

social (verb)

certify, indorse.

support, authorize (verb)

uphold, sustain, approve, praise, recommend, ratify, bless, defend, favor, witness, attest, authenticate, back, underwrite, back up, guarantee, sanction, certify, second, warrant, advocate, commend, affirm, confirm.

Usage examples for endorse:

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