Pronunciation of Energy
/ˈɛnəd͡ʒi/, /ˈɛnəd‍ʒi/, /ˈɛ_n_ə_dʒ_i/

Antonyms for energy:

indolence, tiredness, weakness, laziness, idleness.

Synonyms for energy:

Energy Department

energy department.

Sense 1

perversity, perseverance, radioactivity, solar energy, ambition, solid fuel, staying power, endurance, biogas, coal-fired, intensity, tenacity, solar panel, persistence, beef, renewables, leadership, effort, resilience, virility, calling, fossil fuel, athleticism, torque, backbone, the law of the jungle, biofuel, industry, initiative.

Sense 2

labor, steam, biomass, megalomania, peppiness, tolerance, grit, fix on, wood, determination.

Sense 3

fight, resolve, will, heat, aspiration.

Sense 4

turf, nature, direction, resistance, commitment, resolution.

Sense 5


Sense 6


Sense 11


Sense 13


Sense 14




electromagnetic radiation


electromotive force



nuclear fission.


Water power.



Other synonyms and related words:

esprit, cogency, vigour, peppiness, life force, emphasis, potentiality, fight, juice, hardihood, Potence, resistance, perversity, beef, efficacy, capacity, resolve, resolution, dynamism, call, labor, cypher, ability, department of energy, brio, push button, punch, pulse, bounce, nada, resilience, biomass, aught, effort, get-up-and-go, X-rays, mettle, thrust, horsepower, backbone, zipper, solar energy, persistence, vital force, grit, heat, endurance, dash, biofuel, capability, vinegar, coal-fired, biogas, torque, commitment, sap, heartiness, heftiness, on, ginger, leadership, ambition, perseverance, firepower, radioactivity, virility, zilch, steam, fuel, moxie, burn, will, initiative, voltage, Water power, energy department, oomph, efficiency, momentum, sinew, life, industry, gas, starch, direction, button, determination, push, staying power, intensity, qualification.

Sense 1 (noun)

starch, steam.

Sense 2 (noun)

will, determination, aspiration, perseverance, ambition, resolve.

Sense 3 (noun)

athleticism, horsepower, endurance, resistance, voltage, burn, heat, radioactivity, virility.

Sense 4 (noun)

fuel, peppiness, biogas, coal-fired, fossil fuel, biomass, biofuel.

action (noun)

enterprise, motion.

activity (noun)

business, stirring, motion, liveliness, kinetics, agility, action, performance, enterprise, activity, exercise, animation, movement, conduct.

efficacy (noun)


energy (noun)

snap, puissance, spark, spunk, department of energy, zing, strength, force, vitality, vivacity, potency, verve, stamina, push, energy department, zeal, power, fire, spirit, vigour, fervor, get-up-and-go, drive, vigor, effervescence, zip, vim, might, pep.

enthusiasm (noun)


excitement (noun)

arousal, disquietude, feverishness, turbulence, furor, electrification, attentiveness, inflammation, stimulation, anxiety, exhilaration.

generated power (noun)

heat, horsepower, radioactivity, voltage, dynamism, burn, magnetism.

health (noun)

hardiness, haleness, well-being, fitness, robustness, wholesomeness, salubriousness, health.

impulse (noun)


life (noun)


motivation (noun)

incitement, lure, impetus, inducement, instigation, motivation, incentive, stimulus, prod, impulse.

motive (noun)

compulsion, impulsion, prompting, motive, goading, trigger, magnetism, fermentation, fomentation, urge, facilitation, provocation, catalyst, propulsion, induction, enticement.

perseverance (noun)


person's spirit and vigor (noun)

hardihood, initiative, potency, dash, zip, fire, vitality, strength, toughness, steam, efficiency, pep, muscle, zing, virility, animation, endurance, power, vivacity, stamina, drive, verve, puissance, life, punch, get-up-and-go, might, activity, zest, intensity, spirit, juice, vim, enterprise, efficacy, force, liveliness, moxie, zeal.

power (noun)

mastery, competence, command, control, authority, grasp.

starch (noun)


strength (noun)

clout, horsepower, stability, vitality, stoutness, huskiness, firmness, sturdiness, toughness, brawn, muscle.

vigor (noun)

exuberance, sprightliness, starch, agitation, gusto, fervency, industriousness, Ardency, passion, friskiness, enthusiasm, earnestness, excitement, zest, lustiness, eagerness, relish.

Usage examples for energy:

  • " The sun is giving off energy. - "Invaders from the Infinite", John Wood Campbell.
  • " No, that he never was," he said, with energy. - "The Marriage of William Ashe", Mrs. Humphry Ward.
  • Yes," she exclaimed with energy, " these are terrible times. - "Autumn", Robert Nathan.

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