Antonyms for engrossed:

spoken, inattentive, bored.

Synonyms for engrossed:



Other synonyms and related words:

draped, wrapped, deep, imprisoned, enthralled, written, jailed, focused, mantled, clothed, absorbed, absent, preoccupied, cloaked, confined, enwrapped, captive.

attentive (adjective)

cautious, rapt, diligent, alert, observant, watchful, fascinated, vigilant, intent, entranced, Scrutinizing, Immersed, attentive, regardful, mindful, Concentrating, responsible, observing, sharp, Hearkening, interested, careful, heedful, absorbed, enraptured, Considering, concerned.

preoccupied; attentive to (adjective)

captivated, enthralled, rapt, absorbed, Immersed, diligent, deep, intent, fascinated.

engrossed (noun)

attentive, wrapped, intent, enwrapped, written, absorbed, rapt.

attracted (verb)

drawn, Enticed, Attracted, invited, drew, captivated, charmed, Dragged, Lured, allured, magnetized, seduced, pulled, enchanted.

wondered (verb)

astounded, Marveled, gawked, Wondered, stared, astonished, bewildered, Gaped.

Usage examples for engrossed:

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