Pronunciation of Evict
/ɪvˈɪkt/, /ɪvˈɪkt/, /ɪ_v_ˈɪ_k_t/

Antonyms for evict:

take in.

Synonyms for evict:

Sense 1

kick out, expulsion, repatriate, debar, disinherit, shoo, deportation, ghettoize, ship off, cast out, exclusion, starve out, chuck out, drum out, pitch out, boot out, evacuation.

Sense 2

see off, hound, run out, uproot, evacuate, throw out, kick off.

Sense 3

burn out, smoke out, flush.

Sense 4

chuck, turn out, run off.

Sense 5


Sense 6

discharge, bounce.

Sense 7

get out.

Sense 15




get rid of

kick out.

keep out

shut out.

shut out

shut out.

Other synonyms and related words:

displace, cast out, throw out, rout out, depose, dislodge, deportation, evacuation, give notice, terminate, fire, bump, depopulate, disinherit, squeeze out, give the axe, rouse, kick out, boot out, drive out, bounce, shut out, drive, run off, shoo, force out, run out, gouge, can, dismiss, sack, debar, chuck, discharge, flush, repatriate.

Sense 1 (noun)

starve out, hound.

evict (noun)

force out.

contact (verb)

force out.

exclude (verb)

disallow, ignore, excise, bar, ban, disqualify, relegate, prohibit, deny, proscribe, renounce, repudiate, forbid, eradicate, amputate.

kill (verb)


seclude (verb)

eliminate, remove, boycott, extirpate, exile, confine, excommunicate, detach, blacklist, extradite, ostracize, expel, insulate, sequester, cordon, separate, eject, screen, oust, deport, exclude, banish, seclude, cloister, expatriate, reject, segregate, alienate, blackball, closet, disbar, isolate.

throw out from residence (verb)

expel, force out, remove, eject, oust, kick out, dismiss, boot out, dislodge, turn out, bounce, shut out.

Usage examples for evict:

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