Synonyms for evoke:

Sense 1 (noun)

remind, recall.

evoke (noun)

call forth, conjure, bring up, call down, conjure up, extract, elicit, raise, provoke, stir, put forward, paint a picture, arouse, draw out, suggest, enkindle, kindle, fire, educe, invoke.

cause (verb)

drive, effect, bring about, cause, elicit, force, engineer, produce, motivate, provoke, originate, make, act, enforce, give rise to, execute, inspire, generate, engender, induce.

induce, stimulate (verb)

call, invoke, educe, awaken, extract, rouse, call forth, conjure, elicit, provoke, give rise to, raise, waken, excite, arouse, recall.

Sense 1

remind, recall.

Sense 7

bring out.

Sense 9



give rise to, engender.


call forth.

draw out



wake up.


press out.



Other synonyms and related words:

burn, upgrade, call, give the sack, distil, can, perk up, nominate, chivy, farm, beset, machinate, touch, harass, assert, agitate, remind, kindle, brace, call down, conjure, reproof, educe, beseech, burn down, recall, wake up, derive, take out, trounce, lift, intimate, erect, grow, kick upstairs, lambaste, give the axe, heighten, lambast, press out, protract, energize, paint a picture, extend, resurrect, invoke, send away, excerpt, enhance, pull out, conflagrate, propose, arouse, suggest, prolong, conjure up, wake, express, refer, energise, set up, terminate, jaw, stimulate, prove, call forth, inflame, adjure, bring up, advance, sack, advert, plague, chivvy, draw, open fire, put forward, enkindle, displace, infatuate, stir, raise, kick up, entreat, give notice, bring out, leaven, fire, chevy, nurture, pull, awaken, promote, come alive, cite, press, upraise, excite, rouse, dismiss, waken, extract, rebuke, elevate, distill, go off, awake, recruit, aspirate, advise, discharge, appeal, hassle, draw out, force out.

Usage examples for evoke:

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