Synonyms for exchange:

Sense 1

rifle range, stockist, bandy, heart-to-heart, multination, supranational, shuttle diplomacy, deliberation, gunfire, school shooting, shooting match, kiosk, hall, rapprochement, the global village, point-of-sale, intergovernmental, argument, confab, palaver, buying, alteration, brainstorming, shoppe, commercial, tit for tat, conversion, exploration, marksmanship, drive-by, back and forth, discussion, bull session, international relations, debate, world order, gun control, the international community, the NRA, transnational, horse trading, Russian Roulette, fire fight, crossing, pow-wow, gunfight, postmortem, talkfest, gabfest, the negotiating table, shoot-out, friendly fire, spaza.

Sense 2

comment, fusillade, turkey shoot, commentary, trade in, liquidate, salvo, shooting, tribute, friendship, gunshot, rotate, crossfire, invert, point-blank, shooting gallery, inquest, unfriendly, airing, correlate, consultation.

Sense 3

brainstorm, review, agreement, recoil, friend.

Sense 4

multinational, twin, misfire, reverse, outlet.

Sense 5

pass on, word, friendly, volley, talk.

Sense 7


Sense 8


Sense 10


Sense 11


Sense 14


Sense 21


Sense 27














Other synonyms and related words:

dialogue, convince, comment, converse, commentary, commercial, cover, convert, bandy, outlet, throw, flip-flop, qualify, exploration, kiosk, discharge, review, argument, invert, volley, rally, switch over, diversify, drive-by, transfusion, discussion, airing, philippic, commuting, fusillade, transform, telephone exchange, change over, consultation, inquest, crossfire, gunfire, vary, pass, re-sentencing, friend, interplay, central, sub, colloquy, unfriendly, conversation, rapprochement, liquidate, bull session, deliberation, rotate, confab, modify, sale, permute, recoil, mutuality, shot, reverse, conversion, rallying, win over, deputize, transposition, transpose, fire, transfigure, metamorphose, discourse, palaver, friendship, shift, multination, transmute, reciprocity, friendly, alteration, alter, debate, permutation, twin, give and take, correlation, veer, talk, hall, salvo, talkfest, chat, multinational, flip, commutation, intergovernmental, mass meeting, tack, deepen, supranational, horse trading, swop, pass on, deputise.

Sense 2 (noun)

reciprocity, tit for tat, dialogue.

Sense 4 (noun)

commentary, consultation, debate, bandy, inquest, argument, exploration.

Sense 7 (noun)


Sense 8 (noun)

discharge, fusillade, drive-by, fire fight, friendly fire, fire, crossfire, cover.

Sense 9 (noun)

outlet, point-of-sale, kiosk.

Sense 10 (noun)

pass on, trade in.

Sense 11 (noun)

friendship, international relations, friend, intergovernmental, the global village, the international community, friendly, multination, multinational.

act (noun)


barter (noun)

deal, traffic, bargain, interchange, free trade.

business (noun)

commission, company, activity, livelihood, posting, merchant, business, venture, partnership, practice, busy work, commerce, transaction, enterprise, assignment, career, market, labor, negotiation, service, selling, proprietorship, management, vocation, employment, job, occupation, profession, consortium, holding, calling, corporation, concern, position, establishment, specialty, retailing, affair, station, interest, barter, situation, trade, firm, industry.

change (noun)


conversation (noun)

dialogue, talkfest.

exchange (noun)

change, interchange, commutation, convert, substitution, commute, telephone exchange, switch over, central, switch, rally.

interchange (noun)


market (noun)

department store, grocery, emporium, chain, stall, shop, stock exchange, fair, bazaar, depot, office, bureau, store, convenience store, supermarket, market place, warehouse, mart.

place where stocks are bought, sold (noun)

stock exchange, store, market.

reciprocity (noun)


retaliation (noun)

reparation, retaliation, counteraction, response, return, vengeance, reciprocation, retribution, reprisal.

stock market (noun)

stock exchange.

substitution (noun)

substitution, replacement, subrogation, displacement, supersession, alternative.

trade; deal (noun)

conversion, replacement, reciprocation, commerce, switch, swap, tit for tat, reciprocity, barter, interchange, substitution, change, traffic, commutation, transaction, transposition, transfer, shift.

transfusion (noun)


barter (verb)


change (verb)

commute, convert, change.

possession (verb)

change, interchange.

retaliate (verb)

reciprocate, counterblow, redress, retort, avenge, revenge, countercharge, reprise, return fire, respond, counter, retaliate, repay, Retribute, counteract.

substitute (verb)

imitate, commute, displace, substitute, switch, second, replace, swap, subrogate, supplant, represent, change, supersede, alternate.

trade (verb)

commute, bargain, change hands, replace, give and take, invert, displace, transpose, reciprocate, substitute, flip-flop, bandy, reverse, alternate.

transfer (verb)

consign, hand over, transfer, transfusion, sell, grant, change hands, assign.

Usage examples for exchange:

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