Antonyms for excruciating:

endurable, bearable.

Synonyms for excruciating:

Sense 1

grinding, fiercely, hopelessly, supremely, woefully, unmitigated.

Sense 2

sorry, plain, come to, wretched, painfully, monumental, unspeakable, cataclysmic, half, sadly, wicked.

Sense 3


Sense 4


Sense 5


Other synonyms and related words:

sadly, intensive, furious, hellacious, ferocious, rough, murderous, already, violent, heartrending, inhuman, deep, agonising, terrible, hopelessly, heavy, frightful, tough, heavy-duty, profound, hard, unspeakable, intense, galling, half, fearful, hardhanded, grim, exquisite, monumental, fierce, vehement, keen, ghastly, painfully, torturous, Afflicting, harsh, Searing, fiercely, dreadful, blistering, stiff, brutal, cataclysmic, explosive, fearsome, onerous, torturesome, sorry, grinding, vicious.

painful (adjective)

troublesome, painful, agonizing, offensive, severe, biting, bitter, cutting, harrowing, stabbing, Torturing., aggravating, horrendous, irritating, throbbing, distressful, chafing, wrenching, unpleasant, Besetting, uncomfortable, odious, miserable, withering, woeful, smarting, cruel, trying, grueling, crushing, acute, arduous, unbearable, Cramping, bothersome, disagreeable, oppressive, stinging, piercing, burdensome, grievous, aching, Irksome, Gnawing, annoying, insufferable, inflaming, hurtful, anguishing, tormenting, sore.

torturous, painful (adjective)

torturesome, tormenting, violent, stabbing, agonizing, piercing, unbearable, grueling, intense, acute, exquisite, severe, Searing, harrowing, insufferable.

Sense 2 (noun)

hopelessly, sadly, sorry, unspeakable.

agonizing (noun)


excruciating (noun)

torturous, painful, agonizing, harrowing, Torturing., torturesome, agonising.

Usage examples for excruciating:

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