Synonyms for executed:

Sense 1


Other synonyms and related words:

Rendered, dead, realized.

complete (adjective)


completed (adjective)


formally put to death (adjective)

Crucified, Hanged, Killed.

in force (adjective)


interpreted (adjective)


killed (adjective)

put to sleep, smothered, Butchered, Eliminated, asphyxiated, strangled, smitten, assassinated, Liquidated, exterminated, Purged, Hanged, Killed, done in, Sacrificed, Snuffed, Slaughtered, done away with, dispatched, iced, Suffocated, murdered, Massacred, removed.

performed (adjective)

accomplished, done, finished, completed.

punished (adjective)

imprisoned, Incarcerated.

executed (noun)


acted (verb)

Behaved, Operated, Worked, conducted, Did, Exercised, Appeared, Comported, Acted, Officiated, Performed, done, moved, functioned, labored, Perpetrated, Transacted, Endeavored, reacted.

caused (verb)

evoked, enforced, motivated, made, drove, Caused, provoked, effected, Engendered, inspired, induced, Brought, produced, driven, Generated, Engineered, given rise to, forced, Originated, gave rise to, elicited.

completed (verb)

closed, unified, graduated, integrated, fulfilled, Culminated, finalized, ended, finished, concluded, filled, consummated, Achieved, accomplished, terminated, completed, Arrived.

controlled (verb)

ordered, Managed, Commanded, controlled, ruled, Administered, led, Presided, harnessed, Bridled, Oversaw, disciplined, governed, Superintended, dominated, Overseen, Piloted, supervised, Steered.

effected (verb)

brought about.

interpreted (verb)


killed (verb)

slain, did in, chilled, slew, did away with, Smote, drowned.

produced (verb)

cultivated, formed, developed, built, invented, fabricated, Mothered, manufactured, Constructed, Created, Fathered.

punished (verb)

chastised, persecuted, chastened, anguished, tortured, afflicted, imprisoned, Crucified, agonized, reprised, Pilloried, corrected, distressed, penalized, avenged, confined, Judged, tried, Sentenced, lambasted, Incarcerated, Castigated, burdened, punished, fined, Keelhauled.

Usage examples for executed:

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