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Sense 1

hothouse, boot camp, calisthenics, kennel, kitty litter, education, moral, choose, flashcard, new, implementation, annapolis, cat litter, parade ground, litter, mistress, introductory, rote, self-access, military academy, mahout, lifelong learning, work off, learning curve, exploratory, discovery, trainer, double time, experiment, Self-taught, insight, war game, domesticate.

Sense 2

inspection, teach, enjoy, logistics, muzzle, maneuver, learning, shelter, discipline, practiced, heel, osmosis, loosen up, sound off, introduction, burn off, handler, assimilation, sculpt.

Sense 3

attention, inspect, answer to, advanced, fulfill, training, actuate, firm up.

Sense 4

tame, train, acquisition.

Sense 5

master, program.

Sense 7

march, study.

Sense 8

warm up.

Sense 10


Sense 19


Sense 25



take in hand.









Other synonyms and related words:

lick, proceeding, cipher, rehearse, discomfort, work on, forge, figure out, bring, practice session, annapolis, flashcard, enjoy, engagement, unhinge, object lesson, instance, habit, model, moral, make out, shelter, consummation, cultivate, exercising, march, compute, disturb, practiced, implementation, dress, osmosis, fulfill, pattern, cypher, logistics, physical exertion, form, drill, training, feat, harness, play, throw, tame, choose, coiffure, case, mold, consumption, make for, make, commit, good example, discompose, lesson, unsettle, learning, suffice, do work, loosen up, practise, put, study, come, go, purpose, rote, role, elaborate, calculate, manipulation, ferment, bore, reckon, teach, work off, trainer, custom, praxis, advanced, crop, knead, process, vigor, economic consumption, kennel, exploratory, keep, recital, transaction, set, workout, undo, hold, calisthenics, answer, deterrent example, maneuver, rehearsal, coif, recitation, mould, weightlifting, agitate, solve, manage, discipline, work out, turn, run, action, wreak, accomplishment, put to work, enjoyment, act upon, usance, work up, execution, exploit, illustration, train, perturb, litter, get along, experiment, muzzle, puzzle out, utilisation, actuate, shape, maintain, arrange, reading, hagride, program, acquisition, inspection, figure, take in hand, example, exemplar, physical exercise, attention.

Sense 1 (noun)

calisthenics, training.

Sense 2 (noun)

discovery, education, insight, hothouse, exploratory, study, acquisition, advanced, assimilation, flashcard.

Sense 3 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)


Sense 7 (noun)

heel, litter, cat litter, handler, kitty litter, answer to, domesticate, kennel.

Sense 8 (noun)

hold, firm up, loosen up, warm up, burn off, sculpt.

Sense 9 (noun)

disturb, unsettle.

accomplishment, use (noun)

enjoyment, employment, implementation, utilization, application, practice.

act (noun)

exercising, workout, example, physical exertion, physical exercise.

action (noun)

deed, effort, performance, operation, motion, practice, action, activity, behavior, movement.

activity (noun)

business, liveliness, vigor, animation, kinetics, stirring, agility, energy.

application (noun)

service, application, employment, usage, utilization, use, utility.

exercise (noun)

physical exercise, exert, utilization, use, practise, physical exertion, drill, practice session, example, DO, exercising, utilisation, recitation, usage, workout, work out, employment, practice.

exertion (noun)

toil, strenuousness, exertion, onerousness.

habit (noun)


lesson (noun)


preparation (noun)


use (noun)

exercising, application, employment, operation, utilization, use, utilisation.

work, effort (noun)

drill, workout, calisthenics, labor, operation, movement, exertion, toil, activity, recitation, discipline, performance, lesson, training, exercising, action, discharge, act, study.

act (verb)

endeavor, conduct, perpetrate, operate, labor, enterprise, act, function, behave, work, comport, perform, move, officiate, transact, react, appear, execute.

apply (verb)

employ, apply, effect, exert, utilize, implement, serve.

body (verb)

work, work out.

consumption (verb)


do repeatedly, especially to improve (verb)

set, teach, train, cultivate, loosen up, work, maneuver, warm up, work out.

exert (verb)

expend, wield, discharge.

put to use (verb)

operate, exert, use, enjoy, employ, rehearse, execute, apply, exploit, wield, utilize.

upset, worry (verb)

disturb, perturb, agitate.

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