Antonyms for falsehood:

truth, truthfulness, reality, honesty, frankness.

Synonyms for falsehood:

Sense 1

disinformation, phantasmagoria, untruthfulness, Inveracity, simulacrum, canard, Phantasm, cardboard cut-out, phantom, simulation, snow job, trick, erroneousness, whopper, white lie, fish story, optical illusion, misinformation, truthlessness, hokum, cock-and-bull story, half-truth, mirage.

Sense 2

tall tale, flannel, pretense, cover story, fraud, perjury, invention, rumor, apparition, bluff, misstatement, bull, bs, fantasy, mendacity, jive.

Sense 3

tale, concoction, sham.

Sense 6


Sense 8

put on.

Sense 10


Sense 20


Other synonyms and related words:

fairy tale, deception, fabrication, perjury, fraud, untruthfulness, line, simulacrum, white lie, hypocrisy, refutation, invention, misstatement, mendaciousness, sham, story, fantasy, jive, simulation, lying, apparition, imposition, prevarication, misrepresentation, erroneousness, false statement, pretense, disproof, hokum, misinformation, tall tale, fancy, mirage, tale, cock-and-bull story, canard, rumor, phantasmagoria, taradiddle, myth, Double dealing, novel, mendacity, falsification, fish story, illusion, dissimulation, bluff, hallucination, truthlessness, trick, fallaciousness, disinformation, falsity, falsifying, Inveracity, whopper, bull, deceitfulness, Phantasm, Misbelief, trickery, half-truth, fable.

Sense 1 (noun)

optical illusion, fantasy, mirage.

Sense 2 (noun)

misstatement, canard, invention, whopper, disinformation, fish story, tale, Inveracity, tall tale, half-truth, misinformation, cock-and-bull story, white lie, story.

Sense 3 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

perjury, truthlessness, mendacity, untruthfulness.

act (noun)


communication (noun)

falsity, untruth.

deception (noun)

duplicity, deceptiveness, disinformation, hokum, prevarication, Double dealing, hypocrisy, fraudulence, dissimulation.

error (noun)

fault, distortion, slip, misconception, miscalculation, fallacy, error, misconstruction, misprint, gaffe, misestimation, aberration, Misjudgment, flaw, oversight, typo, defect, mistake, inaccuracy, blunder.

exaggeration (noun)


falsehood (noun)

duplicity, crookedness, delusion, figment, untruth, phoniness, falsification, fraudulence, falsity, deceptiveness, dishonesty, deceit, fiction, false statement.

lie (noun)

falseness, erroneousness, canard, figment, falsity, prevarication, perjury, mendacity, error, fiction, tall tale, untruth, deceit, hogwash, fabrication, dissimulation, deception, line, sham, distortion, dishonesty, fraud, tale, fallaciousness, pretense, fallacy, fib, story, whopper, misstatement, untruthfulness, fable.

perjury (noun)


prevarication (noun)


untruth (noun)

fib, rubbish, lie, malarkey, untruth, balderdash, falseness, rot, hogwash, baloney.

Usage examples for falsehood:

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