Pronunciation of Feed
/fˈiːd/, /fˈiːd/, /f_ˈiː_d/

Antonyms for feed:


Synonyms for feed:

Sense 1

garden, mulch, birdseed, silage, alfalfa, rehouse, root up, seed, mali, cross-pollinate, seat, build up, bone meal, potash, revive, uproot, rake, cud, desertification, lodge, accommodate, gardener, millet, kibble, sleep, topiary, lay on, plant out, muck, gardening, horticulture, fertilizer, hedge, plant over, mow, prey on, sow, humus, prune, dog biscuit, feed on, top dressing, bed out, landscape gardening, plant up, bonsai, seedbed, hoe, fishmeal, landscaping, house, feedbag, force feed.

Sense 2

graze, drill, infertility, serve, season, graft, water, propagator, manure, entertain, weed, transplant, compost, feed off, propagate, take in, plant, aerate, regale, deadhead, put up, spoon-feed, fertilization, ruminate, force, lime, train.

Sense 3

landscape, home-grown, thin, sterile, slop, subsist, swill, grow, sprout.

Sense 4

formal, foster, browse, promote, lift.

Sense 5

mature, support.

Sense 6

encourage, rich, live.

Sense 10


care for







eating, lunch.


inseminate, top dressing, lime.


hay, provender.




cater to.




pass on.

turn over

turn over.

Sense 1 (noun)

mash, accommodate, millet, lay on, silage, support, serve, take in, house, rye, alfalfa, bone meal, hay.

Sense 2 (noun)

bonsai, bed out, subsist, deadhead, compost, drill, live, aerate, cross-pollinate.

Sense 3 (noun)

encourage, promote, foster.

Sense 9 (noun)

cud, dog biscuit, birdseed, fishmeal, feedbag.

Sense 10 (noun)

graze, ruminate, prey on, browse, feed off, root, feed on.

Sense 11 (noun)

fertilization, desertification.

feed (noun)

fertilise, give, prey, feast, provender, fertilize, feed in.

food (noun)

hay, forage, food, meal, nourishment, fodder, viands, victual, silage, provisions, grub, provender.

meal (noun)

drink, bread, eating, meat, meal, dinner, picnic, grub, feast, breakfast, repast, nutriment, barbecue, sustenance, foodstuff, spread, food, banquet, ingestion, board, snack, taste, consumption, lunch, cuisine, fare, morsel.

consumption (verb)


eat (verb)

devour, consume, gulp, ingest, bite, sup, dine, eat.

feed (verb)

nourish, cater to, breast-feed, suckle, nurse, sustain, wine and dine, fatten, nurture.

give nourishment; augment (verb)

feast, dispense, foster, deliver, regale, sustain, encourage, nourish, hand, wine and dine, dine, fill, nurse, fatten, victual, cater, provide, support, hand over, nurture, banquet, give, furnish, supply.

mix (verb)


supply (verb)

supply, provide, deploy, replenish, endow, grant, sell, reinforce, reload, contribute, donate, cater, clothe, deliver, dispense.

Usage examples for feed:

  • Fish generally feed best in the dark. - "Menhardoc", George Manville Fenn.
  • Now let us feed the chickens. - "The Bobbsey Twins in the Country", Laura Lee Hope.
  • Have you had a good feed? - "King Matthias and the Beggar Boy", Nicholas Jósika.

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