Pronunciation of Figures
/fˈɪɡəz/, /fˈɪɡəz/, /f_ˈɪ_ɡ_ə_z/

Synonyms for figures:

Sense 1

census, input, data.



Other synonyms and related words:

figure, arithmetic, computation, statistics, census, data, reckoning, mathematics, Ciphering, calculus.

mathematics (noun)

calculus, numbers, math.

numbers (noun)

symbols, numbers, notations, integers, ciphers, signs, digits, bits, numerals, Characters.

prices (noun)

Levies, tabs, Charges, worths, tolls, costs, expenses, damages, Taxes, outlays, Prices, Premiums, quotations, amounts, Duties, tariffs.

sculptures (noun)

statues, Cameos, carvings, mannequins, busts, figurines, bronzes, bas-reliefs, sculptures, casts.

specialties (noun)

Peculiarities, Individualities, marks, Idiosyncrasies, flavors, features, Qualities, Specialties, Particularities, mannerisms, keynotes, characteristics, Properties, ways, cachets, specializations, differences, quirks, stamps, traits, hallmarks, fortes.

calculates (verb)

triangulates, concludes, weighs, accounts, adds, supposes, evaluates, estimates, schemes, values, reckons, Schedules, rationalizes, gauges, counts, plots, plans, systematizes, presumes, rates, ranks, deduces, determines, appraises, multiplies, quantizes, approximates, considers, assesses, thinks, sums, infers, Programs, judges, Studies, guesses, totals, Tallies, calculates, divides, Measures, surmises, scores, computes, enumerates, quantifies.

outlines (verb)

sketches, represents, circumscribes, draws, drafts, Forms, profiles, traces, delineates, contours, outlines, silhouettes, frames.

prices (verb)

values, Prices, Taxes, Charges, rates, tolls.

prototypes (verb)

models, imagines, shapes, prototypes.

Usage examples for figures:

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