Pronunciation of Fire
/fˈa͡ɪ͡ə/, /fˈa‍ɪ‍ə/, /f_ˈaɪə/

Antonyms for fire:

extinguish, employ, hire.

Synonyms for fire:

Sense 1

luminescence, wildfire, shooting match, splutter, uptime, bombardment, marching orders, mesh, school shooting, fire fight, marksmanship, spontaneous combustion, drive-by, pyre, brilliancy, reload, zero in on, outplacement, forest fire, elbow out, gunfire, Russian Roulette, eliminate, firelight, ease out, the NRA, brushfire, harden, gunfight, zealousness, friendly fire, removal, gun control, rifle range, shoot-out, defrock, bonfire, pink slip, brilliance, malfunction.

Sense 2

crossfire, cashier, salvo, cycle, fire off, shooting gallery, backfire, point-blank, ignite, furlough, luminosity, firestorm, turkey shoot, outgun, retrench, hatchet man, layoff, misfire, detonate, kick over, gunshot, shooting, radiance, redundancy, inferno.

Sense 3

grind, bounce, snipe, pay off, severance, inspiration, burst, stand-down, buy out, explode, recoil, relieve of, sputter.

Sense 4

fulminate, dash, mode, performance, flare up, engagement, dart, turn over, genius, stick up, ping.

Sense 5

pickup, idle, let off.

Sense 6

stall, warm up.

Sense 7

open up, excess, roll, sight.

Sense 8

jump, exchange, load, sense.

Sense 9

miss, talk.

Sense 10

get out, shot.

Sense 11


Sense 12

lay off, pull.

Sense 13

fight, go.

Sense 14


Sense 15


Sense 17

pop, take.

Sense 18


Sense 20

cover, fall.










furlough, defrock, give the gate.






sun, warm up.

lay off

pay off.




kiln, slip, china clay, ceramics, knead, potter, potter's wheel, pottery.



send off


set on fire






Other synonyms and related words:

enkindle, passionateness, dismiss, fire off, kindle, shooting, go, stir, vehemence, give the gate, sack, bang, firing, gunfire, ignite, conflagrate, can, kiln, bounce, give the sack, discharge, fervidness.

Sense 1 (noun)

holocaust, bonfire, flare up, luminosity, pyre.

Sense 2 (noun)

cannonade, bombardment, barrage, gunfire, shot, shooting, volley, salvo, fusillade, burst.

Sense 3 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

ignite, cycle, go, grind, idle, backfire, engagement.

Sense 5 (noun)

spontaneous combustion, firestorm, wildfire.

Sense 6 (noun)

pay off, lay off, ease out, pink slip, retire.

Sense 7 (noun)

open up, zealousness, fire off, let off, load, fight.

Sense 8 (noun)

exchange, cover, radiance, brilliancy, crossfire, brilliance, fire fight, drive-by, friendly fire.

Sense 9 (noun)

genius, inspiration.

animation, vigor (noun)

fervency, snap, punch, verve, eagerness, enthusiasm, passion, intensity, white heat, pep, force, sparkle, fervor, excitement, zeal, spirit, zip, drive, energy, dash, vivacity, ardor, zing, light, exhilaration, radiance, vim.

barrage of projectiles (noun)

volley, bombardment, crossfire, fusillade, salvo, attack, cannonade.

burning (noun)

glow, flare, holocaust, inferno, pyre, conflagration, combustion, bonfire, warmth, heat, luminosity, blaze.

energy (noun)

potency, energy, verve, stamina, zip, fervor, zeal, zing, strength, spirit, vim, effervescence, puissance, snap, spunk, vigor, might, activity, pep, vivacity.

enthusiasm (noun)

eagerness, ardor, enthusiasm.

excitement (noun)

arousal, agitation, feverishness, disquietude, excitement, attentiveness, stimulation, turbulence, animation, furor, passion, Ardency, fervency, anxiety, electrification, exhilaration, inflammation.

feelings (noun)


fire (noun)

elicit, evoke, ardour, flak, burn down, send away, force out, firing, flame, give the axe, fuel, flack, arouse, fervor, flaming, sack, kindle, open fire, provoke, ardor, terminate, fervidness, raise, burn, dismiss, give notice, enkindle, attack, can, discharge, fervour, fervency, blast.

heat (noun)

fever, calefaction, Torridness, temperature, warmth.

life (noun)


light source (noun)

klieg light, neon light, flashlight, beacon, street lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, light bulb, taper, mercury-vapor lamp, Illuminator, sun, oil lamp, floodlight, candle, Tungsten lamp, star, jack-o'-lantern, moon, headlight, light, lamp, searchlight, lantern, torch, arc lamp, pilot light, flare, desk light, spotlight, fluorescent light, flame, moonbeam, incandescent light.

motivation (noun)


motive (noun)

compulsion, fermentation, propulsion, impulsion, facilitation, motive, provocation, goading, induction, prompting, enticement, magnetism, fomentation, catalyst.

on fire (noun)


oven (noun)


pottery (noun)

kiln, slip, china clay, ceramics, knead, potter, potter's wheel, pottery.

ruin (noun)


cause to burn (verb)

ignite, enkindle, kindle.

competition (verb)

discharge, open fire.

detonate or throw a weapon (verb)

heave, fling, launch, pitch, toss, explode, eject, discharge, let off, hurl, shoot, cast.

dismiss from responsibility (verb)

expel, give the sack, drop, can, lay off, pink slip, sack, terminate.

energize (verb)

force, energize, power, recharge, rouse, empower, drive, charge, spark, invigorate, revive, activate.

excite (verb)

disquiet, animate, electrify, excite, Impassion, arouse, agitate, stimulate, disturb, inflame, exhilarate.

excite, arouse (verb)

inflame, incite, provoke, quicken, stir, heighten, enliven, electrify, Impassion, inspire, rouse, animate.

heat (verb)

cook, parch, burn, parboil, scald, poach, braise, simmer, toast, scorch, singe, roast, warm, sear, boil, bake, heat, broil, grill, fry, swelter, barbecue, char, stew.

light (verb)

gleam, glint, fluoresce, flash, illuminate, sparkle, flood, scintillate, glitter, spot, blaze, beam, radiate, incandesce, glow, shine.

motivate (verb)

inspire, move, magnetize, prompt, ferment, hasten, jostle, jog, shoot, knock, jerk, nudge, instigate, hurtle, strike, poke, urge, entice, foment, encourage, punch, bump, trigger, jolt, induce, motivate, provoke.

propel (verb)

butt, pitch, thrust, impel, cast, bowl, prod, flick, goad, shove, bunt, hurl, lob, ram, precipitate, pelt, compel, cant, toss, project, catapult, launch, shunt, push, heave, throw, sling, chuck, fling, propel.

Usage examples for fire:

  • Mary sat and looked at the fire. - "The Secret Garden", Frances Hodgson Burnett.
  • Father would not let me have a fire when he was not at home." - "Ernest Maltravers, Complete", Edward Bulwer-Lytton.

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