Synonyms for flare:

Sense 1

glisten, octagon, hexagon, heptagon, pentagon, collapsible, concertina, SQ, Japanese lantern, enthusiasm, polyhedron, illumine, candlestick, angle, oblong, right triangle, emit, rectangle, trapezoid, quadrilateral, quadrant, isosceles triangle, chandelier, equilateral triangle, outbreak, polygon, scalene triangle, rhombus, parallelogram, hexagram, trapezium, outshine, fractal, gaslight, open out, candelabra.

Sense 2

prism, lip, will-o'-the-wisp, Chinese Lantern, seethe, rhomboid, chevron, telescope, dazzle, streak, triangle, irradiate, blink, cuboid, widen, fume, lozenge, pick out.

Sense 3

light up, bridle, stream, rail.

Sense 4

diamond, broaden, pyramid, diffuse.

Sense 5

narrow, cube, vent.

Sense 6


Sense 7

go off, spark.

Sense 8

turn on.

Sense 9


Sense 10


Sense 11


Sense 12

square, throw.


flare up.


flare up.



Other synonyms and related words:

fanfare, radiance, flair, gleaming, enthusiasm, broaden, flare pass, agony, candelabra, flare out, collapsible, light up, extend, combust, parallelogram, flashing, illumination, go up, glisten, erupt, belch, ostentation, intrude, extravasate, heartbeat, heptagon, break, eruption, come out, flutter, scintillation, pop out, split, genius, outshine, flicker, flashbulb, split second, gale, sheen, spurt, cube, blow up, rectangle, octagon, polygon, push through, fume, outbreak, outburst, streak, luminescence, take fire, flashgun, explosion, solar flare, dash, burn up, cuboid, flurry, angle, candlestick, newsflash, spasm, unfold, jiffy, unfurl, flash lamp, panache, seethe, break out, shimmer, burst out, recrudesce, emit, shining, news bulletin, trapezium, newsbreak, trapezoid, fluorescence, gush, vent, spark, trice, instant, paroxysm, blaze up, twinkling, twinkle, burn off, fractal, burn down, storm, glare, flash bulb, Ebullition, diamond, collapse, catch fire, glimmer, glistering, luster, flame up, gust, widen, burn, style, ignite, gaslight, wink, photoflash, pyramid, burst, lip, stream, hexagon, explode, outspread, break open, chevron, break through, glistening, fly, irrupt, Outstretch, blink, conflagrate, expand, go off, dazzle, chandelier, elan, incandescence, narrow.

Sense 3 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

dazzle, fly.

Sense 5 (noun)

fume, blow up, seethe.

Sense 6 (noun)

collapse, open out, narrow, broaden, widen.

Sense 7 (noun)

chandelier, Chinese Lantern, candlestick, gaslight, Japanese lantern, candelabra.

Sense 8 (noun)

cuboid, chevron, heptagon, fractal, diamond, cube, equilateral triangle, hexagon.

alarm (noun)

buoy, foghorn, caution, notice, call, beacon, semaphore, alarm, alert, siren, warning, bell, signal, whistle, horn.

communication (noun)


flare (noun)

erupt, flame, blaze up, flame up, burst out, burn up, flare up, solar flare, flare out, flash, break open.

flare up (noun)

flame, dazzle, signal, blaze, flicker, flash, beam, gleam, break out, glare, glimmer, burst out, beacon, blow up, light, burst, erupt, explode.

forward pass (noun)

flare pass.

light (noun)


light source (noun)

lamp, flame, klieg light, flashlight, floor lamp, light, sun, floodlight, spotlight, desk light, moonbeam, neon light, mercury-vapor lamp, moon, table lamp, oil lamp, street lamp, jack-o'-lantern, Tungsten lamp, headlight, fire, fluorescent light, Illuminator, torch, lantern, taper, star, light bulb, searchlight, candle, pilot light, incandescent light, arc lamp.

lip (noun)


shape (noun)


erupt, blow (verb)

dazzle, glare, go off, flutter, seethe, glow, burn up, explode, burn, flash, break out, flicker, fume, blaze, burst, shimmer.

light (verb)

gleam, radiate, shine, illuminate, sparkle, scintillate, flood, glint, flash, glitter, blaze, glow, incandesce, beam, fluoresce, spot.

spread (verb)

broaden, widen.

Usage examples for flare:

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