Pronunciation of Fluff
/flˈʌf/, /flˈʌf/, /f_l_ˈʌ_f/

Synonyms for fluff:

Sense 1

hair, fuzz, error.

Sense 3

slip up.


foul up.


mess up.





Other synonyms and related words:

fault, boob, bilk, blow, shove off, bollix, rag, gas, buffoonery, misconduct, deflower, razz, ruffle, mire, ride, tease apart, stutter, bollix up, tease, bluster, bagatelle, slipup, bumble, scotch, corrupt, frustrate, lapse, impair, card, bollocks, bug, clowning, float, grope, foil, thwart, clanger, misstep, shuffle, shoot a line, badger, botch up, mix, mess, muck up, floss, heat up, gaff, louse up, mishandle, plunder, harlequinade, fuzz, swagger, tantalize, be adrift, baffle, rally, violate, brag, pleat, ruffle up, bar billiards, taunt, oversight, muck, fur, tout, loosen, mismanage, hot up, gaffe, fumble, miscue, coddle, shove along, inaccuracy, cosset, rumple, frivolity, gasconade, prank, ball up, waste, spoil, indulge, cocker, swash, cross, beleaguer, despoil, go down on, pester, undulate, prance, itch, bait, mud, Foozle, frivolousness, boggle, COD, screw up, featherbed, falter, error, tantalise, burn out, screwup, pamper, squander, baby, ripple, flick, frippery, twit, bobble, brick, go bad, sashay, mollycoddle, flub, boast, vaunt, lint, clinker, cockle, strut, mistake, vitiate, riffle, fellate, boo-boo, hair, stammer, drift.

Sense 1 (noun)

lint, fuzz, fur.

Sense 2 (noun)

slip up, lapse.

Sense 5 (noun)


down (noun)

lint, fuzz, floss.

error (noun)


fluff (noun)

botch up, ball up, fumble, bollix, bagatelle, blow, screw up, bollocks up, foul up, bungle, mishandle, bollocks, botch, mess up, bollix up, fuck up, frivolity, spoil, bumble, flub, tease, muck up, louse up, ruffle, bobble, frippery.

mistake (noun)

slip, miscue, slipup, stumble, oversight, error, flub, fumble.

body (verb)


contact (verb)


err (verb)

botch, mar, misestimate, slip, goof, stumble, misconceive, err, blunder, misconstrue, bungle, trip, miscalculate, misjudge.

Usage examples for fluff:

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