Synonyms for foible:

Sense 1

weak point, tendency, propensity, trait, quality, streak, endowment, flaw, persona.

Sense 2

surface, frailty, defect, alter ego, fault, failing, incarnation.

Sense 3

sensitivity, strain.

Sense 4

weakness, shortcoming, side.

Sense 5




Other synonyms and related words:

fault, quirk, endowment, shortcoming, affectation, pose, failing, trait, vice, persona, dereliction, sin, incarnation, streak, tendency, defect, surface, infirmity, weak point, affectedness, propensity, want, demerit, weakness, flaw, frailty.

Sense 1 (noun)

endowment, persona, propensity, incarnation, alter ego, flaw.

Sense 2 (noun)

weakness, shortcoming, fault, failing, infirmity, frailty, weak point.

attribute (noun)

idiosyncrasy, mannerism.

foible (noun)

idiosyncrasy, mannerism.

personal imperfection (noun)

frailty, infirmity, shortcoming, defect, fault, mannerism, quirk, weak point, weakness, idiosyncrasy, vice, failing.

weakness (noun)

defect, weak point, failing, vice, quirk.

Usage examples for foible:

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