Pronunciation of Forehead
/fˈɔːhɛd/, /fˈɔːhɛd/, /f_ˈɔː_h_ɛ_d/

Antonyms for forehead:


Synonyms for forehead:

forehead (noun)

frontal bone, Os Frontale, brow.

front (noun)


os frontale

Os Frontale.

Other synonyms and related words:

eyebrow, brow, forepart, hilltop, facade, supercilium, face.

Usage examples for forehead:

  • Heideck struck his forehead. - "The Coming Conquest of England", August Niemann.
  • His heart gave a jump and appeared to get into his throat, where it apparently remained, while the blood rushed to his forehead. - "Philosopher Jack", R.M. Ballantyne.
  • " I haven't many of those," she told him and, to hide her trouble, she put the fingers of both hands to her forehead. - "Moor Fires", E. H. (Emily Hilda) Young.

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