Synonyms for frigate:

Sense 1

corvette, troopship, battle cruiser, warship, armada, minesweeper.

Other synonyms and related words:

corvette, armada, warship, minesweeper.

Sense 1 (noun)

battle cruiser, corvette, armada.

boat (noun)

lifeboat, schooner, freighter, longboat, gondola, icebreaker, dinghy, fishing boat, skiff, motorboat, paddle boat, gunboat, pontoon, ferry, watercraft, aircraft carrier, dory, cruiser, destroyer, hydrofoil, battleship, barge, liner, speedboat, ship, bark, galley, boat, tugboat, hulk, scull, sailboat, cutter, rowboat, merchantman, scow, houseboat, kayak, Bateau, yacht, submarine, canoe, ocean liner, steamboat, warship, sampan, cabin cruiser, raft, cargo boat, dugout, vessel, trawler, tanker, catamaran.

warship (noun)

cruiser, corvette, gunboat, cutter.

Usage examples for frigate:

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