Synonyms for fund:

Sense 1

chip in, aid worker, food bank, refund, lash out, rotary club, plunk down, subscribe, invest, OXFAM, put toward, shell out, Jaycee, the YMCA, cash out, tap out, prepay, bankroll, run-through, philanthropist, pay out, stump up, aid agency, clean out, defray, overspend, splurge, draw down, reimburse, THE Y, dig into, remunerate, the Peace Corps, maintain, spender, poster child, dip into, overshoot, the YWCA, fork out, soup kitchen, spring for, benefactor, fundraiser, redeem, underspend.

Sense 2

patron, appropriation, cough up, tip, break into, lay out, finance, provide for, foundation, subsidize, charity, target, capitalize, recompense, spend, compensate, inject.

Sense 3

put through, stand, underwrite, go, capital, keep, invest in.

Sense 4

meet, put down, treat, blow, care.

Sense 5

sponsor, set up, money, put up.

Sense 6

supplement, charge, back, pick up.

Sense 12






Other synonyms and related words:

blow, maintain, broth, chip in, underwrite, supplement, provide for, stock, storage, line, charity, subsidize, overshoot, gillyflower, memory board, parentage, go, capital, meet, entrepot, livestock, capitalize, keep, redeem, money, inventory, bloodline, investment company, inject, charge, appropriation, advance, pedigree, depot, storehouse, remunerate, store, invest, splurge, set up, subscribe, reservoir, breed, Jaycee, stock certificate, descent, investment firm, grubstake, gunstock, force, blood, back, origin, lineage, ancestry, memory, treat, fundraiser, foundation, neckcloth, defray, finance, strain, line of descent, invest in, bankroll, farm animal, monetary fund, investment trust, shop, blood line, sponsor, compensate.

Sense 1 (noun)

put up, spend, pay out, invest in.

Sense 2 (noun)

care, money, food bank, charity, Jaycee, benefactor, foundation, aid agency, finance, aid worker, fundraiser.

Sense 3 (noun)


endowment (noun)


fund (noun)

investment firm, investment company, monetary fund, stock, store, investment trust.

merchandise (noun)


possession (noun)

store, stock, monetary fund.

repository, reserve (noun)

supply, reservoir, store, inventory, capital, storehouse, foundation, stock.

aid (verb)

assist, endow, serve, sustain, mother, aid, help, tend, relieve, foster, facilitate, motivate, minister, abet, encourage, attend, support, benefit.

give (verb)

attribute, assign, bestow, devote, render, allot, send, give, ascribe, lend, dispense, extend, disburse, submit, supply, bequeath, dole, shower, allow, impart, consign, offer, award, present, lavish, contribute, pledge, pay, expend, donate, share, provide, deliver, tender, furnish, ration, grant.

provide money for (verb)

support, endow, grubstake, capitalize, back, subsidize, bankroll, finance.

Usage examples for fund:

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