Pronunciation of Fuse
/fjˈuːz/, /fjˈuːz/, /f_j_ˈuː_z/

Antonyms for fuse:

disconnect, defuse, coagulate, solidify, harden, divide, gel.

Synonyms for fuse:

Sense 1

match, shrapnel, join, ammunition, detonator, Deliquesce, warhead, thaw, admix.

Sense 2

excite, stir, consolidate.

Sense 3


Sense 4


Sense 15


Sense 17



immingle, Interfuse.




commix, intermix, blend.

Sense 3 (noun)

admix, stir.

Sense 4 (noun)

shrapnel, warhead, payload, charge.

circuit breaker (noun)


fastener (noun)

brad, clip, suture, knot, tie, fastener, bracket, weld, mucilage, catch, go-between, clinch, button, nail, twine, pin, rivet, cement, lace, agent, guy, cleat, latch, splice, closure, grapnel, snap, ligament, bond, thread, skewer, cinch, vise, cincture, band, string, brace, paste, coupling, belt, strap, rabbet, clamp, knitting, middleman, staple, seal, hook, bonding, Vinculum, buckle, spike, zipper, fastening, glue, connector, hawser, medium, binding, hasp, hitch, bolt, anchor, lock, binder, link, chain, clasp, stay, cotter, mediator, stitch, hinge, tack, braid.

fuse (noun)

fuzee, priming, flux, commingle, conflate, mix, blend, primer, immix, electrical fuse, fusee, fuze, coalesce, combine, merge, meld.

combine (verb)

brew, assemble, amalgamate, blend, incorporate, compound, infuse, compose, mix, combine, concoct, conglomerate.

fasten (verb)

knit, plait, baste, sew, weave, zip, fasten, lash, tether, couple.

Usage examples for fuse:

  • There's a string of banks due to blow up; the fuse has been lighted, and it's up to us to stand clear- Oh, hush! - "The Firing Line", Robert W. Chambers.
  • He left his bomb and its fuse upon the rocks, and carried the water to his clay. - "As It Was in the Beginning", Philip Verrill Mighels.

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