Pronunciation of Fused
/fjˈuːzd/, /fjˈuːzd/, /f_j_ˈuː_z_d/

Antonyms for fused:


Synonyms for fused:

Sense 1

left-handed, Manicured, spinal, ingrown, knock-kneed, legless, bandy, double-jointed, ambidextrous, lefty, pelvic, wasted, lumbar, right hander, tarsal, bow-legged, costal, right-handed, sciatic, left hander, asleep, bowed, pigeon-toed.

Sense 2

flat-footed, jointed, digital.

Sense 3

skeletal, withered, manual.

Sense 6


Sense 29




Other synonyms and related words:

ingrown, joined, bandy, costal, pelvic, united, bow-legged, amalgamate, jointed, lumbar, ambidextrous, bowed, melted, consolidated, lefty, Manicured, wasted, digital, coalesced, flat-footed, left-handed, pigeon-toed, asleep, molten.

bound (adjective)

Sutured, Welded, Cemented, connected, bound, chained, clinched, closed, Stayed, knit, threaded, tied, linked, coupled, laced, Bracketed, fastened, Buckled, strung, stitched, pasted, zipped, glued, Strapped, knotted, Hinged.

included (adjective)


joined (adjective)

Bracketed, stuck together, joined.

mixed (adjective)


Sense 2 (noun)

bowed, bow-legged, digital, ingrown, flat-footed, asleep, ambidextrous, bandy.

fused (noun)

consolidated, amalgamate, united, amalgamated, coalesced.

cohered (verb)

integrated, Cohered, Adhered, connected, Conformed, bound, stuck together, solidified, Clung.

combined (verb)

compounded, blended, combined, Infused, Brewed, Concocted, Conglomerated, amalgamated, mixed, assembled, incorporated, composed.

fastened (verb)

tethered, tied, knitted, Strapped, Stayed, knotted, Lashed, Cemented, Plaited, woven, coupled, sewed, Bracketed, Sutured, sewn spliced, Stringed, fastened, Tacked, glued, Weaved, linked, Buckled, zipped, braided, pasted, stitched, chained, Hinged, Hitched, Basted, laced, clinched, Welded.

heated (verb)


softened (verb)


Usage examples for fused:

  • Good modelling is full of these planes subtly fused together. - "The Practice and Science Of Drawing", Harold Speed.
  • No evidence of an extracleithrum or supracleithrum has been observed, but the extracleithrum may be fused to the cleithrum. - "A New Genus of Pennsylvania Fish (Crossoperygii, Coelacanthiformes) from Kansas", Joan Echols.

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