Synonyms for gadfly:

Other synonyms and related words:

bother, swearword, curse word, lad, curse, gent, oath, blighter, annoyer, swearing, expletive, fellow, persecutor, nuisance, pest, cuss, tease, fella, annoyance, pesterer, plague, nudnik, chap, pain, feller.

gadfly (noun)

pest, pesterer, blighter, cuss.

goad; nuisance (noun)

pest, annoyance.

insect (noun)

aphid, butterfly, bee, katydid, Horntail, ant, dung beetle, locust, cricket, boll weevil, tick, firefly, yellow jacket, chinch, spider, midge, fruit fly, daddy longlegs, earwig, tsetse fly, mosquito, stinkbug, June Bug, termite, gnat, may fly, praying mantis, botfly, mantis, cicada, nit, millipede, horsefly, louse, fly, centipede, ladybug, dragonfly, bluebottle, wasp, bedbug, chigger, tiger moth, cockroach, blowfly, scarab, grasshopper, mite, scorpion, tarantula, black widow, bookworm, deer fly, silverfish, housefly, moth, flea.

nuisance (noun)


Usage examples for gadfly:

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