Synonyms for gaff:

Other synonyms and related words:

euchre, blunder, bobble, goof, cozen, clinker, boo-boo, lapse, defraud, victimize, bleed, hoodwink, stumble, mistake, boob, shortchange, snow, deceive, trip, fault, misstep, thimblerig, Familiarity, solecism, indiscretion, fluff, stick, ream, miscue, bamboozle, clanger, gaffe, faux pas, fumble, delude, diddle, mislead, flub, nobble, brick, inaccuracy, oversight, screwup, gammon, hornswoggle, beguile, slipup, misinform.

lapse (noun)

fault, oversight, flub, miscue, indiscretion, error, blunder, goof.

slip (noun)

lapse, misstep, fluff, trip, mistake.

arrest (verb)

take in.

Usage examples for gaff:

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