Synonyms for gaffe:

Sense 1

cock up, snafu, misinterpretation, bungle, goof up, mistaken identity, misapprehension, erratum, foul up, howler, false move, overestimate, pratfall, muddle, mishap.

Sense 2

invalidity, confusion, indiscretion, misunderstanding, mix up, underestimate.

Sense 4

screw up, fuck up.

Sense 9


Other synonyms and related words:

fluff, flub, berth, chemise, slickness, screw up, shift, pillowcase, brick, pillow slip, confusion, eluding, bungle, skid, impropriety, slip of paper, misunderstanding, misapprehension, misstep, miscue, gaucherie, stumble, misinterpretation, boob, cutting, mishap, goof, parapraxis, clanger, boo-boo, gaff, screwup, faux pas, rusticity, strip, shimmy, lapse, howler, case, clinker, trip, indiscretion, fumble, teddy, elusion, erratum, sideslip, slipperiness.

Sense 1 (noun)

mix up, misapprehension.

bad grammar (noun)

mispronunciation, spoonerism, blooper, Freudian Slip, solecism.

blooper (noun)

error, faux pas, slip, lapse, mistake, fluff, bungle.

blunder (noun)

goof, fault, flub, inaccuracy, oversight, indiscretion.

boner (noun)

miscalculation, misstep, slipup, snafu, false move, goof up, miscue, muddle.

error (noun)

fallacy, misprint, oversight, inaccuracy, fault, Misjudgment, misestimation, falsehood, slip, defect, misconstruction, blunder, miscalculation, flaw, mistake, aberration, typo, error, misconception, distortion.

faux pas (noun)

faux pas, gaucherie, Misjudgment.

gaffe (noun)

blunder, indiscretion, blooper, impropriety, howler, faux pas, boo-boo, gaucherie, solecism, slip.

indiscretion (noun)


misstep (noun)


mistake (noun)

confusion, erratum, misprint, misconception, misinterpretation, misapprehension, aberration.

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