Synonyms for gaiety:

Sense 1

jocundity, jocoseness, festiveness, blithesomeness, gleefulness, conviviality, blitheness, mirthfulness, jocosity.

Sense 3

humor, merrymaking, revelry.



Other synonyms and related words:

conviviality, merriment, finery, festivity, Reveling, bravery, fun, celebration, blithesomeness, triumph, jocularity, revelry, mirthfulness, merrymaking, festival, rejoicing, festiveness, frippery, jocundity, joviality, whoopee, blitheness, mirth, hilarity, humor, gleefulness, jocosity, playfulness, feather, glee, felicity, caparison, jollification, jocoseness, gayness, blessedness.

Sense 2 (noun)

glee, mirthfulness, gleefulness, jocoseness, jocundity, joviality, blitheness, jocularity, hilarity, blithesomeness, jocosity.

Sense 3 (noun)

festival, merrymaking, festivity, revelry, conviviality, festiveness.

amusement (noun)

merriment, jollity.

celebration (noun)


cheer (noun)


cheerfulness (noun)

bonhomie, buoyancy, easygoingness, jauntiness, merriness, affability, good humor, agreeableness, amiability, happiness, cheer, friendliness, joyfulness, cheerfulness, warmness, sunniness, Cheeriness, geniality, complaisance, Jolliness, congeniality, lightheartedness, pleasance, cordiality.

feeling (noun)


gaiety (noun)

playfulness, merriment.

happiness, celebration (noun)

conviviality, merrymaking, joviality, festivity, merriment, glee, lightheartedness, good humor, Reveling, cheer, exhilaration, brightness, revelry, gladness, jollity, pleasantness, mirth, hilarity, geniality, entertainment, fun, blitheness, whoopee.

merrymaking (noun)


pleasurableness (noun)

enchantment, fineness, delectability, pleasurable, delightfulness, charm, favorableness, pleasantness.

pleasure (noun)

brightness, gratification, euphoria, enjoyment, ecstasy, entertainment, agreeability, amusement, relish, well-being, joy, satisfaction, Bonniness, enthrallment, gladness, delight, rapture, contentment, jollity, pleasure, bliss, exhilaration.

Usage examples for gaiety:

  • It is easy for you to affect a gaiety you do not feel." - "Precaution", James Fenimore Cooper.
  • Lady Vermuyden was living a life of the wildest gaiety. - "Chippinge Borough", Stanley J. Weyman.
  • Her gaiety made Colville uncomfortable. - "Indian Summer", William D. Howells.

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