Synonyms for gender:

communication (noun)

grammatical gender.

gender (noun)

man, gender identity disorder, Gendered, gender-specific, grammatical gender, the opposite sex, androgynous, layperson.

grammatical rules applying to nouns that connote sex or animateness (noun)

feminine, gender-specific, masculine.

Sense 1

macho, effeminateness, manful, effeminacy, epicene, distaff, sissyish, sissified, womanliness, feminineness, muliebrity, womankind, womenfolk, sissiness, femaleness, womanishness.

Sense 2

mannish, virile, unmanliness, womanish, femininity, womanly, effeminate, manly.

Sense 3

male, masculine, unmanly, female, manlike, womanhood, feminine.


transsexual, man, tranny, Gendered, unisex, gender-specific, the opposite sex, sexless, androgynous, transgender, gender identity disorder, layperson.



Other synonyms and related words:

transsexual, womanly, effeminateness, unisex, sexless, gender-specific, man, unmanliness, womankind, feminineness, manly, epicene, muliebrity, female, Gendered, femaleness, layperson, virile, effeminate, masculine, effeminacy, male, feminine, womenfolk, femininity, unmanly, transgender, manful.

Usage examples for gender:

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