Synonyms for giant:

Sense 1

muscleman, Pythonic, shorty, king-size, mastodonic, he-man, squirt, walloping, gamine, beanpole, pipsqueak, Massy, Mr. Universe, leviathan, Gigantesque, cyclopean, amazon, samson, Brobdingnagian, Bunyanesque, string bean.

Sense 2

shrimp, brute, whopper, toughie, whopping, peanut, mountainous, monumental, skeleton, manikin, titanic.

Sense 3

herculean, stupendous, heroic, monstrous.

Sense 4






Other synonyms and related words:

whopper, shrimp, mastodonic, goliath, pharaonic, monstrous, herculean, behemoth, leviathan, heavyweight, beanpole, giant star, fiend, mountainous, mighty, Lusus Naturae, ogre, heroic, demon, king-size, Pythonic, whacking, titan, monstrosity, skeleton, Brobdingnagian, titanic, muscleman, peanut, outsize, monster, hulk, galactic, shorty, teras, monumental, colossus, high, jumbo, amazon, planetary, astronomical, super, walloping, supersized, Massy, whale, whopping, Mega, cyclopean, Vasty, samson, cosmic, brute, stupendous, Bunyanesque, Gigantesque, freak, super-duper, pipsqueak, clam, manikin.

large (adjective)

great, baggy, prodigious, mammoth, enormous, elephantine, vast, cavernous, magnificent, impressive, awesome, huge, majestic, roomy, sizable, gigantic, towering, lofty, expansive, bulky, massive, copious, comprehensive, grand, soaring, ample, tremendous, spacious, capacious, gargantuan, extensive, generous, big, humongous, grandiose, large, colossal, voluminous, immense, princely.

very large (adjective)

cyclopean, gargantuan, titanic, humongous, immense, vast, mountainous, mammoth, big, herculean, jumbo, gigantic, super-duper, enormous, colossal, monstrous, elephantine, huge, Brobdingnagian, prodigious.

Sense 2 (noun)

whopper, leviathan.

Sense 3 (noun)

brute, he-man, gamine, beanpole, amazon, manikin.

Sense 6 (noun)


colossus (noun)

titan, leviathan.

extremely large person (noun)

ogre, leviathan, goliath, whale, behemoth, monster, hulk, whopper, titan, colossus.

giant (noun)

big, hulk, elephantine, behemoth, whale, titan, gargantuan, heavyweight, jumbo, large, giant star, goliath, colossus, monster.

Usage examples for giant:

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