Pronunciation of Gloss
/ɡlˈɒs/, /ɡlˈɒs/, /ɡ_l_ˈɒ_s/

Antonyms for gloss:


Synonyms for gloss:

Sense 1

enlightenment, exposition, window dressing, gloss paint, enamel, definition, interpretative, grout, translation, translate, spackle, interpretive, false colors, drop cloth, clarification, spray paint, sleekness, interpretation, exegesis, Disguisement, creosote, explanatory, thesis, illumination, masking tape, sealant, undercoat, paint stripper, instruction.

Sense 2

distemper, explanation, buff, sealer, stripper, guise, sugarcoat, define, rationalization, topcoat, masquerade, pretense, theory, wallpaper, preamble, principle.

Sense 3

coat, gild, Gloze, disguise, argument, veneer, law, whitewash, furbish.

Sense 4

front, outline, pretext, shine, sleek, cloak.

Sense 5

spread, luster.

Sense 6

mask, put on, veil.

Sense 9


Sense 12






Other synonyms and related words:

color in, comment, glossary, wallpaper, shine, explanatory, exegesis, colour, Gloze, gloss over, rubric, put on, sealant, undercoat, spread, principle, false colors, coloring, face, explanation, culture, extenuate, exposition, discolour, disguise, outline, glossiness, emblazon, enlightenment, remark, footnote, cloak, topcoat, gild, title, colorize, coat, front, grout, interpretive, pretext, notice, furbish, colouration, interpretation, finish, definition, refinement, illusion, interpretative, cultivation, Colour In, point out, colorise, sheen, translate, define, colourise, forgive, deodorize, luster, colouring, burnish, Disguisement, paper over, clarification, luminance, sealer, vividness, annotate, colourize, veil, sugarcoat, sleekness, sleek, mask, distort, illumination, theory, palliate, likeness, instruction, stripper, creosote, masquerade, guise, distemper, argument, tinge, whitewash, statute title, enamel, buff, translation, veneer, discolor, remit, semblance, coloration, pretense, color, window dressing.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

false colors, cloak, guise, veneer, disguise, put on, mask, veil, Disguisement, face, masquerade, pretense, pretext, window dressing, front.

Sense 5 (noun)

explanation, theory, explain away, interpretation, clarification, argument, whitewash, outline, instruction, extenuate, palliate, principle.

Sense 7 (noun)

masking tape, grout, distemper, coat, drop cloth, gloss paint, creosote.

annotation (noun)

definition, glossary, exegesis.

coat (noun)


communication (noun)


covering (noun)


enamel (noun)

topcoat, enamel.

gloss (noun)

glossary, translation, color, luster, finish, glaze, veneer, footnote, burnish, glossiness, colour, comment, interpretation, polish, front, explanation, annotate, sleekness, rubric.

gloss over (noun)

ignore, mask, veil, whitewash, explain away, disguise.

annotate (verb)

remark, define.

buff (verb)


burnish (verb)


gloss (verb)

disguise, translate, whitewash, mask, buff, annotate, veil, palliate, furbish, extenuate, shine, sugarcoat.

smooth (verb)

flatten, silken, smooth, level, even, burnish, slick, plane, grind, glaze, polish, sand.

Usage examples for gloss:

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