Synonyms for gripe:

Sense 1

fusillade, rant, hue and cry, jeremiad, remonstrance, complain, static, sulk, earful, stink.

Sense 2

brouhaha, grievance, complaint, rumbling, quibble, verbal, snivel, uproar, protestation.

Sense 3

protest, representation.

Sense 4








Other synonyms and related words:

complaint, Whinge, boot, squall, grate, flush, ensnare, charge, persecute, earful, protestation, carp, holler, sulk, holler out, rush, recoil, hollo, beef cattle, beef, whine, grouch, croak, take hold of, aggravate, snivel, grouse, sourpuss, clutch, catch, irritate, Miserere, shout, repine, moan, quibble, rile, overtake, bleat, remonstrance, thrill, skreigh, yawp, murmur, nettle, comprehend, yammer, clasp, wail, cry, grip, discover, jeremiad, plaint, call, growl, kick, boeuf, static, scream, inveigh, squawk, fuss, vex, shout out, yell, groan, uproar, lament, annoy, bellyache, bang, kicking, squeal, rant, grievance, crab, exasperate, protest, entrap, backbite, skreak, complain, whimper, screak, chafe, stink, grumble, screech.

Sense 1 (noun)

rant, grievance, remonstrance, protest, complaint.

Sense 2 (noun)

whine, complain, grouch.

accusation (noun)

charge, stink.

communication (noun)

squawk, beef, kick.

complaint (noun)

distress, grouse, grievance, groan, grumble, ache, moan, pang, affliction, pain.

gripe (noun)

bellyache, beef, kick, squawk, grouse, holler.

pain (noun)

affliction, painfulness, earache, stitch, malaise, throb, injury, wound, suffering, stab, ache, Back Ache, torment, grief, agony, crick, infliction, sore, pang, bruise, headache, inflammation, burn, pain, spasm, chafing, bite, cramp, smarting, misery, discomfort, torture, anguish, wrench, rack, irritation, Migraine, sting, distress, throe, hurt.

strong hold (noun)

grip, clasp, clutch.

complain (verb)

crab, murmur, fuss, grouch, squawk, bellyache, whine, yawp, carp, yammer.

pain, annoy (verb)

vex, irritate, hurt, cramp.

Usage examples for gripe:

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