Pronunciation of Gross
/ɡɹˈə͡ʊs/, /ɡɹˈə‍ʊs/, /ɡ_ɹ_ˈəʊ_s/

Antonyms for gross:

net, mitigated, slender, specific, thin, skinny.

Synonyms for gross:

Sense 1

pull down, sinful, worthless, nasty, degenerate, salaried, raunchy, well-paid, lewd, unforgivable, immoral, unethical, dishonorable, murky, unacceptable, seamy, Overpaid, indefensible, scatologic, overweight, per diem, blameworthy, unpardonable, malevolent, squalid, iniquitous, earnings-related, deviant, dissolute, haul in, wicked, decadent, incorrigible, reprehensible, perverted, Fescennine, unclean, bodily, remunerative, debauched, low-paid, amoral, gross out, forbidden, hypocritical.

Sense 2

obese, awesome, wrong, earn, portly, vile, churlish, fatty, bring, Everything, unsavory, taboo, fleshy, uncultured, weighty, unnatural, scatological, extreme, errant, bulk, ungodly, unholy, subhuman, unpaid, tainted, rotten, corpulent, criminal, bawdy, shameful, ribald, overpay.

Sense 3

improper, scurrilous, entirety, totality, barbarian, uncultivated, generate, smutty, uncivilized.

Sense 4

get back, produce, overblown, yield, paid, hourly.

Sense 5

get together, realize, dark, stout.

Sense 6

repay, turn over.

Sense 7

gain, pay, foul.

Sense 8


Sense 10

bank, draw.

Sense 11


Sense 12

make, pick up.

Sense 23










Other synonyms and related words:

dreadful, foul, uncouth, obese, shocking, horrid, obnoxious, bawdy, flagrant, noisome, odious, aggregate, bulk, vile, awful, smutty, fulsome, horrible, outrageous, lewd, stout, all, egregious, ribald, corpulent, arrant, fleshy, abominable, fat, shameful.

abnormal (adjective)

deviant, unnatural.

abominable (adjective)

horrible, repellent, loathsome, odious, obnoxious, revolting, bad, rotten, disgusting, beastly, vile, awful, base, repulsive, abhorrent, horrid, nauseating, reprehensible, repugnant.

all (adjective)


bawdy (adjective)

indecent, lascivious.

brutal (adjective)

inhuman, bestial, rough, carnal, savage, coarse, ruthless, barbarous, brutish, rude, ferocious, brutal, cruel.

complete (adjective)


entire (adjective)

exhaustive, all-inclusive, whole, all-embracing, all, global, comprehensive, holistic, conclusive, full, total, mass, full-fledged, sum, tally, complete, entire, full-grown, full-scale, sweeping.

extreme (adjective)

extreme, stern, egregious.

flagrant (adjective)


gluttonous (adjective)

hoggish, piggy.

hateful (adjective)


inelegant (adjective)

coarse, unrefined, graceless, barbarous, boorish, raw, earthy, brutish, tactless, vulgar, tasteless, uncivil, rude, gawky, awkward, undignified, crude, inelegant, clumsy, unpolished, tawdry.

low (adjective)


obscene (adjective)

naughty, pornographic, filthy, scatologic, foul, dirty, obscene, vulgar, lewd, indecent.

offensive (adjective)

outrageous, horrid, offensive.

overweight (adjective)

fat, fleshy.

vulgar (adjective)

cockney, shameless, rude, common, sleazy, obscene, salty, broad, colloquial, clumsy, crass, indelicate, tasteless, homespun, chintzy, coarse, rank, sordid, ignominious, ignoble, tawdry, barnyard, unseemly, animal, vulgar, unpolished, offensive, glaring, unbecoming, coarse-grained, brutish, philistine, in bad taste, brazen, crude, boorish, barbaric, garish, inelegant, rough, gaudy, scandalous, tactless, idiomatic, revolting, repulsive, cheap, graceless, profane, earthy, raw, degraded, ill-bred, undignified, unrefined, low, base, outlandish, depraved.

wicked (adjective)


beastly (adverb)

foul, inhuman.

beastly (adverb)

brutish, swinish.

Sense 1 (noun)

extreme, severe.

Sense 3 (noun)

immoral, deviant, sinful, wicked, unethical, perverted, amoral.

Sense 5 (noun)

lewd, bad, foul, ribald, scatological, nasty, smutty, gross out, Fescennine, awesome, scatologic, scurrilous, raunchy, bawdy.

Sense 6 (noun)

fleshy, make, generate, get, get together, stout, get back, turn over, fatty, overweight, draw, portly, overblown, realize, weighty, obese, corpulent.

Sense 7 (noun)

Everything, work, totality, aggregate, entirety.

aggregate (noun)

mass, whole, bulk.

collection (noun)


disgusting (noun)

repugnant, sickening.

earn (noun)


fat (noun)

corpulent, obese.

five or more (noun)

hundredfold, fourscore, octavo, hexad, teens, dozen, grand, hundred, score, million, octagon, billion, thousand, octave, Jillion, sextuple, sixfold, decennium, sevenfold, decade, octet, trillion, Duodecimo, septuple.

money (noun)

funds, bill, change, swag, sterling, bond, profit, nugget, dough, receipts, bullion, scratch, pocket money, income, cash, wampum, balance sheet, iou, assets, money, loot, wallet, wherewithal, purse, issue, dollar, money order, lucre, ways and means, stock, proceeds, net worth, pounds, capital, draft, wad, greenback, moolah, fortune, promissory note, check, treasure, bank note, petty cash, coinage, ingot, bankroll, coupon, currency, silver, copper, spending money, worth, note, gold, wealth.

gross (verb)

earn, make.

revolting (verb)


Usage examples for gross:

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