Synonyms for grouch:

Sense 1

complainer, Sorehead, Griper, Grouser, bellyacher, mutterer, grouse, growler, whiner, grumbler.

Sense 2

bellyache, Murmurer, crab, gripe, bear, faultfinder.

Sense 3


Sense 5


Sense 7




Other synonyms and related words:

carp, grumble, meth, wail, bleat, bellyache, boor, bear, screwball, squawk, gnarl, barbarian, rumble, holler, glass, starter, whimper, Miserere, scrooge, moan, bawl out, trash, inveigh, lambaste, chalk, crosspatch, Murmurer, faultfinder, methedrine, whiner, sulk, complaint, chew out, crab, grievance, bellyacher, murmur, rag, reprimand, nut, growler, lecture, growl, trounce, fruitcake, repine, reproof, jaw, chew up, sullenness, tike, complainer, croak, tyke, gripe, yammer, plaint, crank, scold, shabu, deoxyephedrine, peasant, ice, berate, rebuke, sourpuss, pout, niggard, Grouser, Whinge, dress down, mutterer, crackpot, fuss, whine, churl, methamphetamine, nut case, yawp, grump, Sorehead, chide, skinflint, grouse, have words, remonstrate, kick, grumbler, lambast, mutter, beef, complain, Griper.

Sense 1 (noun)


Sense 2 (noun)

complainer, crab, sourpuss, mutterer, faultfinder, bellyacher, growler, Sorehead, Grouser, Griper, whiner, grumbler, Murmurer.

bellyacher (noun)

growler, faultfinder.

complainer (noun)

bellyacher, crab, bear, Grouser, Sorehead, Griper, growler, sourpuss, grumbler.

grouch (noun)

crank, scold, crosspatch, grump, churl, grumble.

grump (noun)


person who complains a lot (noun)

crosspatch, faultfinder, Grouser, Sorehead, crank, growler, whiner, grump, bear, bellyacher, grumbler, Griper, crab, sourpuss.

communication (verb)

scold, grumble.

complain a lot (verb)

carp, whine, mutter, scold, bellyache, moan, gripe, grouse, murmur, grumble.

protest (verb)

denigrate, ridicule, object, protest, complain, disparage, deplore, deprecate, lament, detract.

Usage examples for grouch:

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