Antonyms for guiltless:

evil, punishable, vile, sinful, wrong, bad, blameful, guilty, reproachable, wicked, culpable.

Synonyms for guiltless:

Sense 1

legal, legally, kosher, unblamable, aboveboard, legality, legitimacy, legitimate, rightful, current, innocence, legit, lawful.

Sense 3

straight, lily-white.

Other synonyms and related words:

incorrupt, classic, destitute, inculpable, sheer, barren, legal, free, harmless, irreproachable, cleanhanded, exculpated, classical, mere, clean-handed, devoid, inoffensive, unpolluted, ingenuous, unmingled, unmixed, acquitted, lily-white, not guilty, vindicated, legit, unimpeachable, legally, unstained, exonerated, aboveboard, innocence, lawful, impeccant, unblamable, absolved, cleared.

above suspicion (adjective)


blameless (adjective)

stainless, unblemished, clean-handed, unspotted, not guilty.

clean (adjective)

moral, respectable, decent, undefiled, honorable.

clear (adjective)

cleared, exculpated, exonerated, absolved.

exemplary (adjective)

classical, estimable, worthy, classic.

good (adjective)

incorrupt, lily-white, uncorrupted, ethical.

guiltless (adjective)

innocent, free, good, clean, virtuous, unimpeachable, untarnished, irreproachable, righteous, unsullied, immaculate, faultless, spotless, sinless, clear, inculpable, untainted, pure.

harmless (adjective)

inoffensive, naive, innocuous, simple, innoxious.

immaculate (adjective)

unpolluted, chaste.

innocent (adjective)

angelic, unspotted, cleanhanded, naive, chaste, irreproachable, pure-hearted, impeccant, blameless, virginal, untainted, snowy, untarnished, unsophisticated, innocuous, unblemished, white, innocent, unblamable, childlike, spotless, uncorrupted.

not guilty (adjective)


pure (adjective)

innocent, stainless, untarnished, bare, nascent, plain, atomic, irreducible, aboriginal, stark, chaste, immaculate, primal, indivisible, foundational, uncluttered, undiluted, angelic, unadulterated, fundamental, spotless, sinless, prime, virtuous, unsullied, elemental, pure, undefiled, unalloyed, faultless, honorable, unblemished, untainted, basic, Simon-pure, purebred, clean, austere, clear, unadorned, elementary, basal, blameless, primary, decent, formative, monolithic, white, essential, simple.

virtuous (adjective)

righteous, angelical, Taintless, heroic, valorous, unspotted, pure, good, uncorrupted, estimable, honorable, moral, creditable, ethical, high-minded, blameless, unsullied, faultless, decent, clean, respectable, upstanding, worthy, noble, virtuous.

Sense 1 (noun)

legally, legitimate, legal, legitimacy, current, rightful, lawful.

Sense 2 (noun)

unblamable, lily-white.

guiltless (noun)

exculpated, clean-handed, inculpable, clear, blameless, irreproachable, unimpeachable, vindicated, cleared, exonerated, not guilty, absolved, acquitted, innocent.

Usage examples for guiltless:

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