Antonyms for habilitate:

discase, undress, uncase, peel, strip, strip down, disrobe, unclothe.

Synonyms for habilitate:


fit out.

Other synonyms and related words:

cloak, coiffure, plume, get dressed, clip, curry, crop, groom, dress out, prune, outfit, decorate, invest, redeem, arrange, coif, adorn, cut back, rehabilitate, set, preen, lop, snip, fit, robe, drape, dress up, primp, DO, trim, regenerate, reclaim, coiffe, garnish, equip.

habilitate (noun)

enclothe, apparel, dress, clothe, garb, raiment, fit out, garment, tog.

clothe (verb)

dress up, raiment, invest, garb, fit out, primp, fit, equip, robe, drape, cloak, tog, apparel, dress, outfit.

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