Synonyms for habitation:

Sense 1

occupant, environment, stomping ground, homewards, placement, the home front, patch, town, occupier, stamping ground, second home, home-grown, roof, crib.

Sense 2


Other synonyms and related words:

hearth, quarter, pad, abode, occupancy, occupant, base, hearthstone, diggings, occupier, roof, inhabitancy, crib, Family, placement, dwelling house, household, plate, menage, residency, rest home, homewards, legal residence, home plate, fireside, address, place, nursing home.

Sense 1 (noun)

environment, the home front, occupant, town, occupier, address.

abode (noun)


habitation (noun)

domicile, abode, home, dwelling, inhabitancy, inhabitation, dwelling house.

house (noun)

domicile, house, abode, cottage, condominium, hacienda, Casa, homestead, mansion, villa, home, chateau, lodging, dwelling, quarters, residence, castle, cabin, bungalow.

living place (noun)

residence, abode.

occupancy (noun)

housing, occupation, Roosting, squatting, colonization, quartering, inhabitation, Staying, tenancy.

quarters (noun)


Usage examples for habitation:

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