Pronunciation of Hackney
/hˈaknɪ/, /hˈaknɪ/, /h_ˈa_k_n_ɪ/

Synonyms for hackney:

Other synonyms and related words:

timeworn, cliche, stale, hack, hackney coach, trite, moth-eaten, banal, threadbare, commonplace, shopworn, tired, hackney carriage, stereotyped, musty, well-worn, obligatory, hackneyed, cobwebby.

artifact (noun)

hackney carriage, hackney coach.

cab (noun)


hackney (noun)

hackney carriage, hackney coach.

horse (noun)

clydesdale, thoroughbred, bronco, galloway, jennet, quarter horse, horse, shire, turk, Suffolk, appaloosa, Lippizaner, Percheron, palomino, arabian, Shetland Pony, welsh pony, belgian, Spanish horse, mustang, albino, morgan.

Usage examples for hackney:

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