Pronunciation of Half
/hˈɑːf/, /hˈɑːf/, /h_ˈɑː_f/

Antonyms for half:


Synonyms for half:

fractional (adjective)

segmental, part, quarter, fractional, fragmentary, third, semi, sectional.

halved (adjective)

severed, fissured, Bisected, branching, cut, cleaved, halfway, halve, forked, bifurcated, split, divided, carved.

middle (adjective)

mean, Bisecting, nuclear, centralized, central, midmost, half-and-half, mediocre, middle-of-the-road, geocentric, middle, medium, mezzo, middling, median, mid, halfway, pivotal, medial, axial, equidistant, core, intermediate, average.

partial (adjective)

incomplete, partly, Bisected, fractional, divided.

portioned (adjective)

shared, Pieced, measured, Portioned, allotted, fraction, Parceled, budgeted, subdivided, partitioned, rationed, sliced, Dismembered, apportioned, split, segmented, divided, Zoned, cut, compartmented.

Sense 1

sudden death, injury time, extra time, stoppage time, halftime, first half, pregame.

Sense 2

run-in, overtime.

Sense 3


Sense 27




Other synonyms and related words:

moiety, partly, fragmental, stoppage, break, pregame, partially, uncomplete, overtime, halftime, incomplete, one-half, partial, deficient, partway, incompletely, first half, run-in, Anywise, ever.

Sense 4 (noun)

halftime, run-in, pregame, break, extra time, injury time, overtime, first half.

Sense 5 (noun)


bisection (noun)

dichotomy, fork, bifurcation, hemisphere, cleavage, branch, fissure.

fraction (noun)

numerator, denominator, third, section, fragment, quarter.

middle (noun)

kernel, center, heart, bisection, epicenter, mediocrity, halfway point, nucleus, pivot, hub, midpoint, marrow, axis, midst, nub.

one of two equal parts of a whole (noun)

fraction, hemisphere, moiety, division, bisection.

partly (noun)


portion (noun)

quantum, segment, dividend, sector, portion, division, compartment, zone, part, lot, stock, stake, percentage, chunk, piece, cut, share, budget, interest, fraction, split, bit, proportion, measure, partition, parcel, helping, commission, member, slice, ration, subdivision, allotment, allowance, quota.

quantity (noun)


Usage examples for half:

  • We seem to have brought half of Puddleby with us. - "The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle", Hugh Lofting.
  • " I will tell you half the reason. - "David Elginbrod", George MacDonald.
  • You ain't half the man Don 'Lonzo is! - "The Green Satin Gown", Laura E. Richards.

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