Antonyms for handicap:

advantage, jump, vantage.

Synonyms for handicap:

Sense 1 (noun)

ataxia, disabled, Developmental Disability, dumb, accessible, Challenged.

Sense 4 (noun)

dressage, detriment, horseflesh, furlong, flat racing, minus, going, gymkhana, flat race.

disadvantage (noun)

burden, barrier, limitation, encumbrance, disability, block, obstacle, hindrance, impairment, impediment, drawback, stumbling block, restriction, detriment.

disease (noun)

breakdown, queasiness, malaise, decrepitude, condition, disability, debility, apoplexy, collapse, complaint, affection, infliction, infirmity, pestilence, disorder, fever, symptom, syndrome, indisposition, feverishness, malady, disease, ague, attack, spasm, virus, complication, illness, infection, bug, unhealthiness, ailment, Sickliness, sickness, curse, nausea.

impotence (noun)

impotence, incompetence, powerlessness, feebleness, incapability, inadequacy, inability, weakness.

penalty (noun)

deduction, correction, premium, penalty, retribution, forfeiture, punishment, abatement, judgment, encumbrance, chastisement.

punishment (noun)


body (verb)

disable, incapacitate, invalid.

disable (verb)

hinder, incapacitate, undermine, hobble, weaken, stupefy, anesthetize, lame, dull, prostrate, hamper, invalidate, scotch, neutralize, disarm, sap, deaden, enfeeble, hamstring, disable, cripple, paralyze, vitiate, tamper, screw up, stun, abrogate, benumb, botch, impair, cramp.

give disadvantage (verb)

restrict, impede, hamper, hamstring, hinder, cripple, encumber.

hinder (verb)

constipate, tangle, bung, curb, baffle, complicate, crimp, entrap, interrupt, inhibit, delay, constrain, restrict, stay, snag, entangle, deter, stop, mire, oppose, bottleneck, fetter, clog, choke, drag, foul, counter, block, frustrate, detain, obstruct, dam, restrain, resist, impede, check, jam, catch, plug, snarl, congest, brake, thwart, bar.

Sense 2

flip side, weigh in, paddock, racetrack, racing, horseflesh, minus.

Sense 3

race, care, jockey, odds, detriment.

Sense 4

ringer, accessible, horse, purse, going.

Sense 5

loss, price, tout.

Sense 7


Sense 9

stake, stable.


hamstring, disenable.







Usage examples for handicap:

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